Thursday, January 21, 2016

oh, hello!

Well, that was quite a bloggy break I just took, and will continue to take because I have 75 essays on Animal Farm to grade, not counting my 75 four page packets on the Constitution, plus....well the list goes on and on. I suck at crossing things off my grading to do list. Working on it. Kind of. 

Just thought i'd check in! The past two weeks and next week are real doozys. Last week was end of term and that means that kids actually start noticing that they haven't done a terms worth of work and it's sort of caused them to fail. So my late work pile was growing larger by the day and I was staying late with kids to get their assignments done. 

This week is a doozy for no real reason. I'm just feeling like i'm on a treadmill and i'm running slllllighhhhtly too slow for the treadmill. Hopefully this weekend I can play some serious catch up. 

Next week I start taking a class and going to a conference (on a Saturday, boo! But my Mom will be there, yay!) for my master's degree! More on that will come later, once everything is officially official. Cross your fingers for me that the it all works out! Plus one of my greatest friends is getting married so we have the bachelorette party and the wedding. 

Oh, and i've quit soda. Again. I did it around this time last year and it was awesome! I don't remember when I went back to drinking it, but when I went back it was a lot more often than before I quit. Anyway, just one random day about three weeks ago I just decided to stop for a while! I had no reason for it, I just wanted to go cold turkey for a while. Last time I quit I didn't feel any different, but this time I was so, so sick for one week. I was so nauseous and I had major headaches. I was also so tired I thought I sincerely might need to go to the hospital. I also couldn't think straight. I kept forgetting such crucial things which is very unlike me, I have a really excellent short term memory.  It was so strange! I felt totally out of control. However, now I am feeling a lot better and I actually feel like I have more energy at nights. (Also, I know someone is going to ask if i'm pregnant and I get really irritated that any sickness or feeling of not normal a woman feels is a pregnancy symptom. DON'T GET ME STARTED!)
I have wanted a soda plenty of times since that first week, but the thought of going through that first week again convinces me that it tottttttallly is not worth it! 

I also got a fitbit because I was curious about my sleeping habits and I actually think it's a really cool little thing! I was shocked at how many steps I took during the day, i'm at over 13,000 steps for today! The sleep part is really cool, it took me 9 minutes to fall asleep last night but I was awake and restless for over an hour during the night last night, which pretty much explains my frustrations about feeling so groggy. 

I've been trying to devote a small amount of time each day to do something I like to do that doesn't involve technology or work. I used to really like to read, but now it feels like whenever I sit down to read I just think about all the other things I have to do and then I get distracted. Or I fall asleep. So if you have any books that you love, like realllllllly reallllllly love, I would love the suggestion because I just am really tired of reading mediocre books. 

Speaking of mediocre, a podcast that I recently started listening to that is very much not mediocre is called Reply All. I just listened to an episode about how government is like..the worst with technology. It just made me laugh so hard when they were describing a training meeting about how to use google docs. Oh man...

Lastly, I was cleaning out my bookshelves and found a book called "The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith" and was more than mildly horrified that it has been sitting on my bookshelf of books for my kids to check out for half the year. Haha!

Have a good weekend! 
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