Monday, February 29, 2016

When you don't give yourself a choice..

Hello hello!
Today, even though it was a Monday and even though it is a leap day, it just feels great! The sun was actually out when I left for work at 6:30 this morning, which hasn't happened in so so long. It is such a pretty day and I got all of my work done meaning I can go home when my contract times ends for the first time in like three months. I also was worried because (should I be admitting this? If you are my principal or my team stop reading plz) I really didn't have this week planned out for what I was teaching. I knew what common core standards I needed to teach but not how I was going to teach those. Luckily it fell right into my lap in all of 20 minutes and i'm planned for the rest of this week and half of next. 
Anyway, so a lot of people know that i'm the Mock Trial coach at my school. If you aren't familiar with Mock Trial like I wasn't really familiar with it, it's where students pretend to be attorneys and have to prepare for a case. This year was a murder trial and it's been so fun. Just kidding, it's actually been a stressful ball of hell. I had really brief interactions with it before coaching so I was totally unprepared, I didn't know how to get my kids ready, I was just a mess. There were so many times that I was like "this simply cannot be done" because I just was so on my own with the whole thing. Most of my students worked their fannies off and that contributed to their success during our competition. We won on Friday with the prosecution team and lost on Saturday by two measly points. We are not sure if we are moving on or not until tomorrow, so I will keep you updated. It's a crazy turn around time, we find out tomorrow (Tuesday) around 6pm if we move on and then we have to be at the courthouse the NEXT DAY by 8am! They think it's so easy to pile a bunch of kids onto a bus and somehow magically get a substitute for me and....anyway, it's a lot more work to just go like they think, but alas. 
Sidenote, it's creepy how fast I turned into a stage mom with this whole thing. I made all my attorneys dress in identical black suits and forced all the girls to wear their hair in buns so they wouldn't play with it. I also had to leave the room because I couldn't watch the trial without saying anything. My freak flag is high.
All this to say....I am consistently surprised with how often I think there is no way to get something done and then I do it. This happened all. the. time. in college when I had big papers due that I would never start on time. I just felt like there was no way I was getting the paper written and then I would always come through. They were usually C papers ya know, but they got done!
It's pretty amazing what you can do when you don't give yourself any other choice. 

PS...funny story about #That'sWhatYouGetForTeachinginProvo
I have these moments all the time. Like, why am I surprised by what is happening right now?? This one was too funny I had to share...
We were practicing cross examination for Mock Trial and a girl was asked if her character she was playing was drinking on the night of the murder. The girl said no. I freaked out because she was! We could get in big trouble if a witness goes off script. Then she said "Wait, is beer alcohol?" 

Then a student attorney made an objection to the question for defamation of character.

Our sweet attorney coach had to remind them that just because you drink, doesn't mean you are a bad person.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

valentine's day weekend

Long weekends with holiday's are my new love language. What an amazing, amazing weekend it was! Much needed too, man oh man. 

Mark really made me feel like every girl should feel on Valentine's Day. I have been really feeling weighed down by all my responsibilities at work and not feeling like anybody cared, so Mark saw to it that I felt like I mattered. I had beautiful flowers sent to me at work on Friday, which was a huge surprise and I was just smiling like an idiot all day. They are on my shelf in my office and I can't stop looking at them! They are also smelling up my office, in a good way,  i've never had flowers that have really smelled like these ones do! 

On Saturday, Mark and I got all dressed up and went to eat at Carver's, a really nice steakhouse. In my mind I was guessing what all the other diners jobs were and I definitely had to close my eyes when the bill came but it felt really nice to treat ourselves once a year. 

Sunday was just spent being lazy which is my favorite thing to do! We watched a lot of Netflix and we felt no regrets. 

Monday, ohhh Monday. I slept in, got my work done relatively quickly, and then I found a Groupon for a good deal on some sushi. We were skeptical because bad sushi is really, really bad. However we were pleasantly surprised that the sushi was amazing! 
We had some time to kill before going to our movie (zoolander...we went in with the lowest of the low of expectations and i'm making an official statement that it was dirtier and more offensive than Deadpool) and I had an ULTA coupon so we stopped in and I picked up some Essie nail polish that turned out to be 95% off when I took it to the cashier!!!!!!!!!!!! I skipped all the way to the car and was screaming that it was the best day ever.

Not to mention the beautiful weather. I smushed my face against our car window on the drive home to get the Vitamin D while I can. Also, the pathway to our house that has been covered in ice for two months is finally melting! Mark chipped away at it for a while today in hopes that it will be gone by tomorrow. 

Anyway, it was a really great weekend! Here are some crappy pictures because I cannot seem to remember to take my nice camera anywhere :) :) :) :) 

These hair clips have been in my drawer for years. I pulled them out for this picture and with full intention of wearing them to church and then forgot. 

We ordered the fire dragon? or something? And it came out ON FIRE. Mark and I were both like "we didn't order fajitas?" when our server brought it to our table. 


Ignore my backpack that makes it look like i'm 15....

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

new podcast

If you have read my blog or know me as a person you know that I love podcasts with all of my heart. I recently stumbled upon a new-to-me podcast called Reply All. It's a show that centers around internet or tech stories. So for example, I just listened to one about a family who created a video game for their son that had cancer. I listened to one about the ineffectiveness of technology and the government combined. There was one about online dating, one about the find my iPhone app and the trouble it caused for one couple, and much more. The hosts are really entertaining and it's really well done. 
Any new podcast suggestions?

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Monday, February 8, 2016

#girlboss of the week///5

Hello, hi! Wow, that was a hiatus for sure! I'm really ready to come back to blogging! I don't know what i'll talk about and it's actually the last thing I have time for, but I have found myself thinking about it increasingly over the last week, so here I am. 
In the last week I was thinking about making this a semi-regular thing, I was feeling determined not to put stuff on this dumb blog just because it's the "blogger" thing to do, if that makes sense.  I've been trying to figure out how to represent who I am on this blog. Then I realized I was taking myself too seriously, as usual. HA! So i'll get over myself

Anyway, I have gotten a lot of really good feedback about my #girlboss posts! I have to say, interviewing these different women has really been inspiring. I have one more #girlboss post scheduled and then I need to start reaching out to more women! 

Today I am featuring Sarah Tyau, blogger, seamstress, model and much more! 

Give us a rundown of who you are and what you do!
I am a seamstress, a mother to three kids(2 girls and a boy), a blogger and an entrepreneur. I model sometimes for fun, and nothing serious. I sound like I am super busy, but I really am not! I spend about 2-5 hours a week on my blog. And I don't take it that seriously. I can't remember the last time I sewed even though I'd love to.I am all about simplifying life and focusing on what's the most important in life. I feel if you want to know who a person is, see how they spend time everyday. The thing they spend the most time on, is what is most important to them. I try to live my life so that the time I spend the most is on what I value the most which is motherhood, family, and serving others. People think I am so busy, and even though I have been way more busy than I'd like to be this month of December with my skirt business opening(and closing due to the manufacturing error), most of the days I spend as a stay at home mother, in my pajamas all day unless I have to get out of the house and my husband will find me looking exactly the same as when he saw me before leaving to work. A mirror? Make up? What's that? 

When did you realize "okay, i'm pretty good at this!" 

I never thought I was good at blogging, but with sewing, it was when I saw something online(I believe it was Anthropologie) and I thought to myself, I could make that! This was about 4-5 years ago. Before I started to really sew.  Since I am frugal and think through it a lot before making any kind of purchase, big or small, I used some old clothes I had in my closet to make something that was inspired by the Anthropologie item. I posted it on my personal blog that was meant for just our families and close friends, and it wasn't even a good photo, it was just taken with my phone through a mirror selfie. The quality was terrible but I posted it mainly to show my sister and a few of my friends but it got a lot of attention and after reading really nice and supportive comments, I was surprised because to me, it wasn't that great or a big of a deal! I always tell people if they come over and watch me sew and watch how I do it, every single person who knows how to sew a straight line on a sewing machine would say, "Hey, I could do that!" I am not an expert seamstress, my level of sewing is actually between like a beginner to an intermediate, so I feel sometimes people are way nicer than what my DIY actually deserves! I am not trying to be humble, I am being straight up honest. Last year I taught 14-17 year olds how to refashion clothes and while I was sewing, I was trying to explain what I was doing and I said, "So at first, you want to sew and then go backwards and sew, then forward again so the stitches don't come out..." And one of the girls was like, "Um, you mean back stitch?"  Hahaha, I probably lost all credibility from those girls after that! But I do realize I have good vision in seeing something old and instantly having an image in my head of what it could look like after, so with my vision and a fearless take on sewing even though I'm not that good, makes up for my skills in sewing. 

Since i'm big on tips to be happy, what are your tips to be your happiest self?
1. Getting enough sleep!
2. Have a mindset of "What can I do to make others happy?" instead of "What can they do for me to make me happy?" My husband is really good at this, he is always thinking of me before himself, but it's a trait I am trying to strengthen for myself. 
3. Focus on all the things you've achieved, all the good things you've done, instead of focusing on what you didn't get done or didn't achieve. 
4. Not comparing ourselves. This one is so hard, isn't it? When I start to feel jealous or threatened by someone else's talents, I quickly have to remind myself that I am comparing my weakness to their strengths. And that person has a weakness without a doubt, and their weakness is probably my strength! It's our difference in weaknesses and strengths that motivates and pushes us to be better, so I am grateful that everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. If none of us had weaknesses and only strengths, where would the improvements be? That'll be such a boring life, don't you think?
5. Being a Christ-like person. That covers pretty much everything that is happy and good. My true confidence comes from knowing that I am a very good person. Haha, can I say that? I am not perfect by any means and I have so many weaknesses but one thing I know is that I am a very good person. I am very honest. I love to give and serve others. I love being a  mother. I love helping people to be happier. I can't hate someone or have any resentment or negativity in my heart. I know that I am nothing without God. But since I am a very good person and have the desire to only do what is good(even though I fail sometimes and keep trying), I know God is on my side and with him on my side, I can do anything and everything.

What is one thing you know to be true?
I know there is life after death and that death is actually a happy celebration, a graduation of this life unto the next life that is way better. I know that the most important things in life doesn't cost money but it asks for our time. Nothing materialistic we can take with us, but only our knowledge we gained, our relationships, the service we have done to others, the love we have in our hearts. We also take with us our addictions, bad habits, weaknesses too. I know that the better choices you make, the more honest you are, the more charitable you are, the more kind you are, the happier you'll be. Happiness comes from having confidence that you are a very good person who is honest and loving and forgiving. When you have that inner confidence in you, no matter what tragedies or trials that may come into your life, you can always go inside of yourself to find that peace and knowledge of knowing that you are a good, kind person and find happiness.

Thanks Sarah! You can find her blog here, her instagram here, and buy her beautiful sequin skirts here, although they are sold out right now, keep your eye out! 
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

the power of an hour

Last night I was texting my friend Karly and talking about how I never read books for fun anymore and how I wish I could make time to do that. Then we started talking about book clubs and then Karly was like "you should start a book club"!

Anyway, one hour after she sent me that text I had picked a list of books, created a Facebook group, got ten girls to join and got the decorations all planned out....

because my insanity is at an all time high.

So if you wanna join a book club and you live near Utah County, Lehi specifically...

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I hate open letters

I'm a big believer in what you put into the universe, you receive back in some karmic way. I'm about to put something negative out in the world, so i'll probably have a bad day tomorrow. HOWEVER, I just can't take it anymore.
Dear Lehi Library,
Let's start with the first time we met. I needed a quiet place to study and not be distracted on a Saturday morning, so I packed my bags and headed over to you. I pulled on the doors, ready to hammer down and get to studying, but the doors were locked. I double checked the hours, and by all logic you should have been open. There were no signs, nothing. So I tried another door. Locked. Another, locked. After a small group of people had gathered I decided to call and alas, you were closed for inventory. Hmmm, a sign would have been a great addition to help people out, but no, it's fine.
I went back the next Saturday, happened again.
Then again the next week.
Finally I just started driving the ten extra minutes to the library in the town over.
That was over a year ago and I just went back one Saturday to find the same situation. 
If you aren't going to be open on Saturdays, just post that in your hours! 
Second, why does it always smell like a dirty diaper? 
My third complaint answers that question, and I guess this isn't the libraries fault to a certain extent, but there is always at least twenty kids going completely nuts in library. Just running around and screaming their lungs out like it's a Chick-Fil-A play land. I feel so bad for the people  trying to study! At some point I feel like the library needs to intervene at some point? Due to this fact and then the whole dirty diaper situation I generally have high anxiety when I go to the library and I do my best to just get what I need and get out in .4 seconds.
Okay, next. Often times I will put an item on hold. I will go to pick it up the next day and it won't be on the hold shelf. I will go up to the girls working at the desk, who are doing nothing but talking about their dogs strange moles (seriously, two separate occasions and same topic of conversation), and say "Hey, my hold isn't on the shelf" and they will say "We have 24 hours to get it on the shelf" and i'm just thinking "okay, well i'm not going to be that person and point out that it has been over twenty four hours and I might be so bold as to suggest that your dog mole conversation can be paused while you do your job but also I get that working sucks but also my book I wanted is now gone because you didn't take it off the shelf."
This has happened ten times or so in the last month and annoying to me for the sole reason that they will check out books to other people even if they are on hold for you because they didn't take it from the shelf. I know, because it happened. Today. It happened today. 
And my very last complaint that I just discovered which caused me to be 100% done with the library is that you have to pay to check out movies, "you know, like redbox, have you heard of redbox?" NO LADY I'M JUST A MILLENNIAL THAT HASN'T HEARD OF REDBOX.
Aren't open letters in which I complain about a totally free service that I have benefitted from countless times so fun? Come back tomorrow for more! Just kidding, I hate myself.

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