Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I hate open letters

I'm a big believer in what you put into the universe, you receive back in some karmic way. I'm about to put something negative out in the world, so i'll probably have a bad day tomorrow. HOWEVER, I just can't take it anymore.
Dear Lehi Library,
Let's start with the first time we met. I needed a quiet place to study and not be distracted on a Saturday morning, so I packed my bags and headed over to you. I pulled on the doors, ready to hammer down and get to studying, but the doors were locked. I double checked the hours, and by all logic you should have been open. There were no signs, nothing. So I tried another door. Locked. Another, locked. After a small group of people had gathered I decided to call and alas, you were closed for inventory. Hmmm, a sign would have been a great addition to help people out, but no, it's fine.
I went back the next Saturday, happened again.
Then again the next week.
Finally I just started driving the ten extra minutes to the library in the town over.
That was over a year ago and I just went back one Saturday to find the same situation. 
If you aren't going to be open on Saturdays, just post that in your hours! 
Second, why does it always smell like a dirty diaper? 
My third complaint answers that question, and I guess this isn't the libraries fault to a certain extent, but there is always at least twenty kids going completely nuts in library. Just running around and screaming their lungs out like it's a Chick-Fil-A play land. I feel so bad for the people  trying to study! At some point I feel like the library needs to intervene at some point? Due to this fact and then the whole dirty diaper situation I generally have high anxiety when I go to the library and I do my best to just get what I need and get out in .4 seconds.
Okay, next. Often times I will put an item on hold. I will go to pick it up the next day and it won't be on the hold shelf. I will go up to the girls working at the desk, who are doing nothing but talking about their dogs strange moles (seriously, two separate occasions and same topic of conversation), and say "Hey, my hold isn't on the shelf" and they will say "We have 24 hours to get it on the shelf" and i'm just thinking "okay, well i'm not going to be that person and point out that it has been over twenty four hours and I might be so bold as to suggest that your dog mole conversation can be paused while you do your job but also I get that working sucks but also my book I wanted is now gone because you didn't take it off the shelf."
This has happened ten times or so in the last month and annoying to me for the sole reason that they will check out books to other people even if they are on hold for you because they didn't take it from the shelf. I know, because it happened. Today. It happened today. 
And my very last complaint that I just discovered which caused me to be 100% done with the library is that you have to pay to check out movies, "you know, like redbox, have you heard of redbox?" NO LADY I'M JUST A MILLENNIAL THAT HASN'T HEARD OF REDBOX.
Aren't open letters in which I complain about a totally free service that I have benefitted from countless times so fun? Come back tomorrow for more! Just kidding, I hate myself.

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