Tuesday, February 16, 2016

valentine's day weekend

Long weekends with holiday's are my new love language. What an amazing, amazing weekend it was! Much needed too, man oh man. 

Mark really made me feel like every girl should feel on Valentine's Day. I have been really feeling weighed down by all my responsibilities at work and not feeling like anybody cared, so Mark saw to it that I felt like I mattered. I had beautiful flowers sent to me at work on Friday, which was a huge surprise and I was just smiling like an idiot all day. They are on my shelf in my office and I can't stop looking at them! They are also smelling up my office, in a good way,  i've never had flowers that have really smelled like these ones do! 

On Saturday, Mark and I got all dressed up and went to eat at Carver's, a really nice steakhouse. In my mind I was guessing what all the other diners jobs were and I definitely had to close my eyes when the bill came but it felt really nice to treat ourselves once a year. 

Sunday was just spent being lazy which is my favorite thing to do! We watched a lot of Netflix and we felt no regrets. 

Monday, ohhh Monday. I slept in, got my work done relatively quickly, and then I found a Groupon for a good deal on some sushi. We were skeptical because bad sushi is really, really bad. However we were pleasantly surprised that the sushi was amazing! 
We had some time to kill before going to our movie (zoolander...we went in with the lowest of the low of expectations and i'm making an official statement that it was dirtier and more offensive than Deadpool) and I had an ULTA coupon so we stopped in and I picked up some Essie nail polish that turned out to be 95% off when I took it to the cashier!!!!!!!!!!!! I skipped all the way to the car and was screaming that it was the best day ever.

Not to mention the beautiful weather. I smushed my face against our car window on the drive home to get the Vitamin D while I can. Also, the pathway to our house that has been covered in ice for two months is finally melting! Mark chipped away at it for a while today in hopes that it will be gone by tomorrow. 

Anyway, it was a really great weekend! Here are some crappy pictures because I cannot seem to remember to take my nice camera anywhere :) :) :) :) 

These hair clips have been in my drawer for years. I pulled them out for this picture and with full intention of wearing them to church and then forgot. 

We ordered the fire dragon? or something? And it came out ON FIRE. Mark and I were both like "we didn't order fajitas?" when our server brought it to our table. 


Ignore my backpack that makes it look like i'm 15....

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