Monday, February 29, 2016

When you don't give yourself a choice..

Hello hello!
Today, even though it was a Monday and even though it is a leap day, it just feels great! The sun was actually out when I left for work at 6:30 this morning, which hasn't happened in so so long. It is such a pretty day and I got all of my work done meaning I can go home when my contract times ends for the first time in like three months. I also was worried because (should I be admitting this? If you are my principal or my team stop reading plz) I really didn't have this week planned out for what I was teaching. I knew what common core standards I needed to teach but not how I was going to teach those. Luckily it fell right into my lap in all of 20 minutes and i'm planned for the rest of this week and half of next. 
Anyway, so a lot of people know that i'm the Mock Trial coach at my school. If you aren't familiar with Mock Trial like I wasn't really familiar with it, it's where students pretend to be attorneys and have to prepare for a case. This year was a murder trial and it's been so fun. Just kidding, it's actually been a stressful ball of hell. I had really brief interactions with it before coaching so I was totally unprepared, I didn't know how to get my kids ready, I was just a mess. There were so many times that I was like "this simply cannot be done" because I just was so on my own with the whole thing. Most of my students worked their fannies off and that contributed to their success during our competition. We won on Friday with the prosecution team and lost on Saturday by two measly points. We are not sure if we are moving on or not until tomorrow, so I will keep you updated. It's a crazy turn around time, we find out tomorrow (Tuesday) around 6pm if we move on and then we have to be at the courthouse the NEXT DAY by 8am! They think it's so easy to pile a bunch of kids onto a bus and somehow magically get a substitute for me and....anyway, it's a lot more work to just go like they think, but alas. 
Sidenote, it's creepy how fast I turned into a stage mom with this whole thing. I made all my attorneys dress in identical black suits and forced all the girls to wear their hair in buns so they wouldn't play with it. I also had to leave the room because I couldn't watch the trial without saying anything. My freak flag is high.
All this to say....I am consistently surprised with how often I think there is no way to get something done and then I do it. This happened all. the. time. in college when I had big papers due that I would never start on time. I just felt like there was no way I was getting the paper written and then I would always come through. They were usually C papers ya know, but they got done!
It's pretty amazing what you can do when you don't give yourself any other choice. 

PS...funny story about #That'sWhatYouGetForTeachinginProvo
I have these moments all the time. Like, why am I surprised by what is happening right now?? This one was too funny I had to share...
We were practicing cross examination for Mock Trial and a girl was asked if her character she was playing was drinking on the night of the murder. The girl said no. I freaked out because she was! We could get in big trouble if a witness goes off script. Then she said "Wait, is beer alcohol?" 

Then a student attorney made an objection to the question for defamation of character.

Our sweet attorney coach had to remind them that just because you drink, doesn't mean you are a bad person.

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