Saturday, March 19, 2016


I have been a member of Influenster for....oh man, like four years now? Yeah, it's been forever. Occasionally, I qualify for something called a "vox box" and it's basically a box full of goodies that I try out and review, if I want to, there is no pressure.
I recently got two boxes and I have yet to post about either! The first was called the GLAM VOX BOX! It was filled with goodies that I used to pamper myself during a very stressful work week.
The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a pack of those nice razors that I can't afford to buy! They were Venus Razors and I also was given  "Venus with a touch of Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shave Gel" which yes, is a mouthful. The razors....I wasn't impressed. Maybe it's because I use mens razors and they have an extra blade, but I felt like I wasn't getting my hair? I don't know, I wasn't a huge fan. However, my skin was a lot more soft after using those razors. THE SHAVE GEL ON THE OTHER HAND....I usually just use body wash to shave my legs and after using the shave gel I realized I can't really go without it ever again. It also smelled amazing, it was like lavender smell to me. So great.
The next thing I got were, "Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads" note to cutex: shorten the name. However I loved these! I posted about them on my blog Facebook page but they smelled good, they helped to heal my cuticles that are always cracked and they were just easy to use. I think they were probably designed for travel purposes but I will own them forever now, mostly because Mark hates the smell of nail polish remover and these smelled awesome!
Not Your Mother's dry shampoo
Yeah, I go through a lot of dry shampoo because I average about 4-6 days between hair washes. I actually really liked this brand only because it didn't smell at all. I hate nothing more than the weird powdery smell that some dry shampoos come with. This one is pretty good, I might switch it out with the kind  I use now (dove).
Q-tips Precision Tips
So I got these Q-tips for beauty purposes, like painting your nails...but there are so many! I will never use all of them if I just use them for cosmetic purposes. However if you are having a manicure party they would work amazingly.
SheaMoisture Facial Skin Care Collection
I received a bunch of anti-aging face masks, creams, etc. They were ok. I wanted them to smell like something and they didn't. I also got a zit after I used them which is abnormal for me, so that was a bummer.
Altogether, there were some misses with the glam vox box but the major wins made me forget about the lame products! 
I got a sports bra from C9 Champion from a different voxbox. They sell them at Target and they are probably the cutest sports bras I have ever seen. It was incredibly hard to decide which one to get. They are comfy and they hold my ladies up and in place while I run...not an easy task! So that box was an absolute win! 
Side note, when I was checking out at Target I had the coupon to get my sports bra and the cashier was like "where did you get that?" and I was like "um, I have a blog and sometimes I get stuff.." (so awkwardly because I felt like such an idiot) and she JUDGED. ME. 
I probably would have too....
Have a good week!  

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