Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thank goodness for curling wands and maturity

I'm popping in really fast today because there is an insanely good deal going on right now and I just can't sit back and watch you guys miss out.

First, let's talk about my hair curling journey. Whenever I wanted to look cute, my Mom would have to spend an hour or so the night before getting my hair into sponge curlers, resulting in this....

Ack. I cringe.
Eventually I just gave up on the hair curling thing and let my sister do my hair for any big events. Which led me astray at times.

Then when I moved into Alpha Chi....a few people still lead me astray.

 Finally though, a fellow AXO (I can't even remember which sorority sister!!!) came along and showed me how to curl my hair myself.

However, I never realized that tight ringlets are not cute, even as recently as two years ago(woah), hence the ringlet engagement pictures..

Anyway, after I got married I found a blog called Twist Me Pretty and she used this wand called the NUME wand. It was so expensive, over $200, so I would never or could never convince myself to buy it. BUT THEN SWEET, SWEET BLACK FRIDAY and the price tanked to $50, so I took the plunge.

It has changed EVERYTHING.

Not only do I feel like my hair looks a lot better, but i'm able to go a lot longer in between hair washes because I curl my hair one day and it lasts for three to four days. It also is really quick and it has a really good hair protectant coat on it. I have also burned myself only once, which is impressive for me. I cannot say enough about this wand.


All you have to do is click here and enter SALE19 to get the classic wand for $19.99. That's the one I have, in a 25 mm.

If you are interested in the other wands, you can enter these codes for a great deal on those as well...
SALE29--Magic Wands $29.99
SALE89--ANY styling set AND free shipping

THAT IS 70% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just get one and thank me later. You might have to practice with it but it's way worth it. Let me know if you have any questions and this sale ends TOMORROW so hop on it!

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