Monday, March 7, 2016


The other day I was talking on the phone to a friend and she was like "what's up lately?" and I was like "oh my students are doing this and my students are doing that" and she was like "uh no, what's up with you?"
and that is when I realized I have become like moms who have a baby and then you never hear about anything else.
Except my baby is teaching. 

But seriously, I got so embarrassed looking back on my instagram and blog posts, it's been a while since I have posted about anything other than teaching. The problem(?) situation(?) with teaching is that it is whole-life consuming. I grew up with my Mom teaching and I think I just thought it was normal to be working late into the night, have huge stacks of papers on every surface in the house, and many more oddities that I now know is definitely not normal, yet here I am working very late and my desk is currently totally covered in papers.

Even on the worst days of teaching I question why I chose to teach, but I always come back to "because I love it" and then the conversation with myself is over. My students had a career day last week and the presenter said "think about if you won the lottery, would you still want to do your job?" and I would, I really would! Maybe I would go part time, but I would still teach..

anyway, I kind of understand those Moms who I didn't totally understand until now and also if you still read my blog, hi! I'm glad you are here, despite the totally boring lack of content lately.

My main reason for writing this post today was to talk about Mark. First, Mark and I equally hate posting about significant others on social media. However I was just thinking last night, man, it's hard to be married to me. Mostly because yeah, I love to work and I work a lot. It's hard being married to a teacher. That is the number one thing that sucks about being married to me. There are the big things like human inadequacies that everyone has but that I tend to dwell on and then there are tiny things, like I leave every cup i've ever drank half full on the counter and our house turns into Signs. But man, Mark handles it like a trooper. Ever since I got super busy at work, he consistently has the house cleaned when I come home as well as dinner made. He puts the leftovers in tupperware for my lunch the next day before he eats his dinner. He washes and folds my laundry. He pushes me to be a critical thinker. I think I might just fall apart without him. Last night as he came to talk with me before I went to sleep, I just almost started crying because I was like "this is why we get married, so someone can come tuck you in and talk about board games and if chicken wings are better on the bone or boneless and life goals and stuff." 
And even though I think with my personality, I wasn't really built for marriage, I sure am grateful for it and for him. 

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