Thursday, March 31, 2016

what you should order at a thai restaurant and where to go in Utah!

Growing up, going to Sizzler, Red Robin and Chilis were pretty regular on the weekends. We pretty much rotated between those three, adding in a Mexican place here or there. It wasn't until I got married that I tried so many things, like sushi, indian and of course, THAI FOOD! Mark served his LDS mission in Thailand so he's a big fan and honestly, he had to force me pretty hard to try Thai for the first time. However, after that, I fell in love and it has become my ultimate favorite. 
I realized that a lot of my friends and coworkers have either: 1. Never tried Thai food 2. Never tried anything good when having Thai food.
So I thought I would give you a little guide on what we order and then a few of our favorite places!

The first thing we always, always, always get is Som Tam. 
Som Tom is a shredded papaya salad with spices. You eat it with your hands with sticky rice. We get it on the spicier side, even though I don't love super spicy stuff, but I never regret it because it's always better when it's spicier. This is actually the hottest thing either Mark or I have ever eaten when we got it "Thai Style". Anyway, it's so delicious and we get it as an appetizer. It also is somewhat of a acquired taste, I didn't love it at first but it since has become my favorite.
We also always get shrimp spring rolls because the peanut sauce it comes with is sooooo delicious.
The next few things we rotate getting every time. The key with Thai food (I think) is getting a lot of dishes for the table and sharing.
Okay, so this is Pad Seiw (like oo).
This is probably my favorite. I love the big flat glass noodles and I love love love the sauce that this comes in. I almost exclusively get this with pork and it's so freaking delicious.
Okay, the next thing that I love is Pad Gra Pow. I also get this with pork and you eat it with Thai rice. The problem I have with this dish is that there is only one place we have been to that minces it like the picture, it's my favorite part about the dish! This is just a bunch of spices and vegetables and not as spicy as the pad se eew.  If you are feeling unadventurous, then this is the route to go. Just tell yourself there is no Oyster sauce and you will be fine. 

The next thing I don't get every time, but sometimes I crave it so intensely that I have to get it!  Massaman curry is really good. For me, it's a mix of eclectic and what i'm familiar with, beef and potatoes. Only get this dish if you aren't bothered by coconut, because that is what the broth is made out of.
Then, for dessert, we occasionally do mango sticky rice, It's Mark's favorite! 
Okay, so our absolute favorite Thai restaurant is in Sandy, right on 10600 S off the freeway entrance. It's called Simply Thai. 

Another one that we tried recently that we enjoy is Tea Rose Diner in Murray. I have lived very very close to this place my entire place and have never eaten there until recently. It gives Simply Thai a run for its money, that's for sure!

We had a favorite in Orem that recently closed and we are pretty sad about it. 
What do you like when you get Thai? What's your favorite place?

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