Friday, April 22, 2016

book reviews!

This year I have started to have an identity crisis about what I like. What do I enjoy? What are my hobbies? I used to like reading, but I hadn't read a book in over a year, maybe longer. My only other real answer is  "analyzing themes and characters of Gilmore Girls" and that usually only gets me blank stares, so I felt like I needed to figure out what made me happy and could help me be a person instead of a teacher.

So I started a book club, and I read a book I didn't love, and I got nervous that I disliked reading.
Then, I read a book I loved, and then I read four books in two weeks and I remembered how much I love reading and why I had to stop reading years ago, because I do little else when I find a series of books I really like.
So, here are some books that I have read this month (one not pictured) and my little review for each!

Me Before You
5/5 stars
I don't want to go into too much detail, because my book club about this is next week, but man. I loved it. I was actually emotionally scarred after I read it. It has a lot of jumping off points for great discussion about really deep issues, and it can also just be a book you read by the pool (if you want to cry and get tan at the same time). 

5/5 stars
This story is about a girl named Paige whose high school boyfriend dies in a freak accident. She makes a plan to try to be a normal person again, and of course, things don't go according to plan.
I picked up this book to try to get my mind off of Me Before You and was pleasantly surprised. This is bold to say, but I loved this book way way more than I liked Me Before you. It had such an interesting take on dealing with grief when you are young. It was not the typical YA novel, very interesting, surprising, funny and tender. I wish I could read it again for the first time. I turned the last page and was devastated that it was over. I love books like this! Read it NOW!
This book is classified as young adult but it is a good lesson for people of all ages. The main character, Willowdean, struggles with her body image and her family issues. Her life gets a whole lot complicated one summer due to a new job and everything that spirals from that.
This was a really interesting book that I, as someone who has carried more weight than all of my friends my entire life, could really identify with. Some parts seemed a little far fetched and unbelievable to me,  but I really liked the core of the story. The main character is somewhat of an anti-hero, yes she is a ~*~MisUnderstood teen~*~* but she also isn't totally a great person, and the author is pretty upfront about that. Maybe that is why I liked the book so much and also had such problems with it, if that makes sense. There were some decisions that Willowdean makes that just made me cringe and not able to forgive her as a character. However, once I started reading it I couldn't put it down and it is definitely on my top list of books.

Attachments: A Novel (not pictured)
This book takes place in 1999/2000 (something I didn't realize until I was well in the book, very helpful to know!) and it's about two girls who work as journalists and who know that someone is monitoring their email. Lincoln is that guy. This story switches perspectives every chapter.
I read this for Bonnie's book club because I decided I need to be more social and meet new people since all my friends are moving out of state (BOO ALL OF YOU!) and I liked it! It was kind of confusing because I didn't realize that this was happening 16 years ago (holy crap that just made my stomach hurt) and so I was like "why are they just now using computers?" but the thing I liked most about it was it was not young adult fiction, but it felt like I used to feel reading young adult fiction in high school. I just could connect to the feelings that the characters were going through very much. The biggest part of the book happened in the last five pages and I really disliked that. There was no falling action and I mostly felt unresolved at the end, but that is the only reason that I didn't rate it higher.

So after reading these really great books, I realized i'm the type of person who buys books now. I just went to Target to get a neti pot and bought Eleanor and Park. Mark also wants me to read a book called The Book of Mormon Girl, so I will start that soon as well! 

What books have you not been able to put down lately? I'm on a roll and with summer coming it's only getting worse! :) 
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