Sunday, April 17, 2016

plus size swim

In six weeks I will be in Lake Powell and not thinking about school. While this is bitter sweet because I looooovvve my students right now, I really have just hit the 100% done point of the year and i'm ready. 

Last month I started to search for some new swimming suits because we will be in Lake Powell for quite a while and you basically live in your swimsuit, so I need more.

It was a frustrating experience. The first thing that struck me was one piece or plus size swimming suits are easily 3-5 times the price of regular bikinis. I understand it is more fabric and it will be more expensive, but I get very irritated that they mark it up as much as they do.

The next thing that is actually downright offensive to me is I kept seeing this over and over again...

I'm sorry if you own or enjoy this swimsuit, but this is so insulting to me on so many levels. These are unflattering and out of touch. It just made me realize that so many stores are so out of tune to what plus size women what and need.

I found some stores that actually redeemed my faith in going to the bunch as a plus size girl. 

Torrid, for one. I had never stepped inside a Torrid until a few weeks ago and I am in love. They provide support for the ladies ladies, they are flattering and stylish.
Floral Two Piece
Major heart eyes for the mesh between the cut outs otherwise my skin would be like those playdoh things.

Target has some definite misses on their site, but here are some awesome hits.

Yellow Black and White flowers

and Forever 21, comin in hot! 
Banana Swimsuit

If you want to see which one I chose for now, head to my blog instagram (rileyjoblog)!
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