Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cavalia Odysseo Utah Review

Last week, Mark and I received the opportunity to go to Odysseo by Cavalia for their social media night. This was definitely the biggest perk I have gotten for having somewhat of a "following" on my blog. It was so fun to go and be pampered the entire night! They treated us like the VIPS that I have wanted to be treated like my entire life. :) 

Anyway, if you have seen the big white tent in South Towne mall, or the thousands of billboards (not sure how you could miss them!) then you know about this show. Basically it is a Vegas- style, family friendly show with horses, acrobats, etc. They use 65 horses of all breeds from all around the world (If you are a horse person, you would die and go to heaven).  They have 48 artists, riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians (the people playing the live music in the balcony was totally awesome and maybe my favorite part). It's about two hours with a thirty minute intermission. You can order tickets and get more information here.

I loved the show. It made me feel like a little kid again. I was consistently in awe of all of the truly amazing things that were happening right before my eyes. I couldn't believe that this had shown up in a mall parking lot in a matter of weeks and it felt like they spared no expense in the production. Even the things such as the audio, it was all to perfection. It was fun to just get lost for a few hours in something that was different. It wasn't a movie, concert or a play, it was a once in a lifetime performance that I will probably remember forever.

So, the big question I have been asked by almost everyone since the show, is it worth it?

Here's how I feel: I believe in spending money on experiences, especially experiences that you can do as a family. I believe that if you are stressed about the money you are spending on the show, you will not enjoy it because you can't get lost in the show, you will constantly be thinking, "am I getting my money's worth?" If you can realize that you are making memories and seeing a once in a lifetime show, then yes, absolutely worth the money. Mark and I both gave it 8/10 stars and agreed that we would remember it for a really long time. I was also sitting next to a girl that was about nine years old, and she was in absolute h e a v e n. 

It runs until June 3rd, so grab your tickets now! 

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