Thursday, May 26, 2016


Today was my last day of school! You can head over to instagram to see more thoughts about that. I might write a post about it because I am experiencing sooo many emotions about the whole thing. Anyway, summer is here and that means all my responsibilities are null and void! Mostly. 

 I was looking at my blog recently because my students finally told me that they found it (lol) and I realized that a huge majority of the posts I have done this year were sponsored. I felt sick when I realized that fact. I'm so sorry to all you lovely people. As a teacher who is making basically nothing, and when Mark got laid off in January I felt like I couldn't turn down any opportunity to get paid to support a company I love. I still stand by all the companies I supported this year. However, I let the balance that I usually work so hard to maintain completely slide and i'm just sorry.
You will be hearing a lot more from me. The random me! The me that is like "why am I making this a blog post no ones care but I'll do what I want" me. Which I think is why most of you are here in the first place. SO! More of that. Less of everything else. 

Happy summer! I have already taken two naps and now I am binging some TV in bed drinking a dr pepper, as life should be. 

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