Tuesday, May 31, 2016


On Sunday, Mark had quite the day.

Let me preface this by explaining a few things. If you remember Shia LaBeouf, he has recently been involved in a series of art projects that are really out of the ordinary. He stayed on an elevator for 48 hours and talked to whoever came in. He watched every one of his movies, back to back, and live streamed the whole thing. Now he is starting a project called, "Take Me Anywhere." Basically, he posts the latitude longitude coordinates of his location on twitter and anyone can pick him up and yes, take him anywhere. Mark has been following this since Shia started this whole experience. Mark turned on his tweet notifications so he could get a notification whenever Shia tweeted.

So, Sunday. We were sitting in church and Mark gets a notification that Shia tweeted. Mark looks at me and jokes "If it is within 100 miles, we're going." 
When he opened up his phone, he realized that Shia was in Spanish Fork, aka 20 minutes away from us! Mark looks at me with the widest eyes and I was like like, "GO! GO! GO!" and he just runs out of the chapel! 
I'm pretty sure he broke many laws getting to Spanish Fork. When he got there, he saw a camera in someones car and ran over there and realized he was just a few minutes too late. 
So he shook Shia's hand and came back to church.

I was just a little relieved because he took our house key and I had a crock pot plugged in. I don't think i'm equipped to break a window. 

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