Thursday, May 5, 2016

the meaning of blue

If you follow me on snapchat, (if you don't, probably don't start. It's a big commitment to listen to my annoying voice all the time) then you know the story behind these pictures. I really wanted to do them with a white wall as my background, but I don't have one at my parents house (where i'm staying while Mark is gone). They are building some new houses across the street and one is almost done-ish. Anyway, it has white walls so I decided that is where I was going to take these pictures. Well I was walking in with my tripod and camera and a guy asked me if I lived there, really innocently and not getting mad at me or anything, but I said "" and he gave me a weird look, so I peaced out of there and my parents backyard became my new photo studio...haha! Points for trying, right? 

(sidenote: send a tan please) 

Ever since I saw this infographic about menu designs and the colors that designers purposefully use to get people to buy their food, i've been thinking about colors and what they mean. Did you guys know that blue is the color of not only peace, but strength, vitality and physical wellbeing? That is why so many hospitals rely on the color blue! Blue nightgowns, blue logos, etc. 
So I thought it was only appropriate that I wear blue when talking about the new opportunity to control your health by Intermountain Health Care. Last year I talked about an app that let you track germs in your area and check into the instacare from home so that you were next in line when you got there! We all know that it is zero fun waiting in a doctors office next to other sickos when you are feeling terrible. 

Well, IMC took it a step further. Introducing, #MyConnectCare. My Connect Care allows you or your child to visit an IMC physician for certain urgent care condition using your phone or tablet. Obviously you are not going to use it if you are having chest pains, but cold or flu stuff, sinus and ear infections (my bodies personal favorites) sore throat, even a bladder infection or a weird rash. You can just stay home (where you belong when you're sick, really) and the care will come to you. 

Imagine this, you are on a road trip with your family when one of you gets a sinus infection. Rather then go to an out of state instacare and incur possible extra costs (and ruin your vacation) you can just call your doctor from the road and you will have a prescription and be on your way to healthy in a matter of minutes. Literally, the visit will take less than ten minutes. It takes me that long to get to the instacare, let alone the two hour wait that usually accompanies it!  Game changing stuff, you guys. 

You can download the #MyConnectCare app by searching Intermountain Health Care on your App Store, it's like the four or fifth one down. I made an account and had the option to talk to a doctor in less than two minutes. It was pretty freaking awesome.

Also, can we talk about my scarf really fast? It was sent to me by White Sierra and it has insect shield permethrin....ANYWAY, it repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants and flies. I thought it would stink or be a weird material, but it wasn't! How cool is that? I'm blown away by technology right now. I also got this thermometer that you hook into your smartphone, which could really help if you are using My Connect Care, but I just felt like such an old person because I was like "Wow! This is amazing! What will they think of next!!!"

Anyway, think about IMC's new Connect Care app when you are in bed in a nyquil state of mind watching Gone With The Wind and a huge pile of nasty tissues next to you. Or if you get pink eye in Maryland and have to go to the sketchiest instacare in the history of mankind in Baltimore. Argh, Connect Care, where were you when I needed you!? 

This ad is sponsored by White Sierra and Intermountain Health Care

Download #MyConnectCare here

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Thanks so much for letting me talk to you about companies that I believe you should support! I sure do love you all. 

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