Thursday, June 16, 2016

book review: emmy & oliver #rileyreads

As an English teacher, one thing that is really important for me not to be hypocritical about is reading (don't talk to me about grammar though k thx bye). I tell my students that reading is awesome, they should read, reading makes them better people, so I feel like I need to make an effort to read. It's hard, sometimes. Especially when I would so much rather plop down in front of Netflix and just zone out. Summer is when I get a lot of good reading in because i'm not stressed about work and I can focus.

On Tuesday night at 8:30 pm I picked up Emmy & Oliver from the library. I had it finished by 9 am the next morning. So yeah, I really enjoyed this book.
The premise is that these two childhood best friends, Emmy & Oliver, become separated when they are in elementary school because Oliver is kidnapped. The book flash forwards to ten years later, when Oliver is found. It is about Emmy & Oliver finding their friendship again and dealing with all of these internal struggles from this huge event. 
I give this book 4.5/5 stars. It was such a fun little beach read. It tried to be more "in depth" with the character's internal struggles but I felt like those issues were really cliche and lacked a sense of 
"realness".  I also had a hard time imagining Emmy as a real person, but I had no problem picturing Oliver. Not sure why! However, if you alerting for a cute little read that you can take with you to the pool, or something really quick, this is perfect! 
Also, if you are looking for reading suggestions, I follow two girl bosses on instagram and everything they suggest is golden. @abbimbay and @marcidarling. You're welcome.
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