Wednesday, June 22, 2016

book review: a study in charlotte #rileyreads

You guys, I did a nerdy thing and joined the adult summer reading program at the the Salt Lake County library. (Yes, I drive into another county to go to the library. See my rant here.) 
However, it has motivated me to get through some books!

I just finished a book I was really excited about reading called A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro. 
This book is about the the great great great grandchildren of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. They end up at the same private school, "coincidentally". Of course, a string of crimes are committed at the school and it is up to this duo to figure out who dun it. There are a lot of callbacks to the original stories, so if you are a big fan, this book is for you!
First of all, when someone recommended the book to me they said that the descendants were both female, or at least that is how I understood it. So admittedly, I was a little disappointed when I realized it was a boy and a girl because obviously that means it's going to turn into a love story. I just wanted to read a book about girl power, ya know? However, I kept reading because I really respect the person who recommended it to me and she said it is her favorite book of all time. FAVORITE BOOK, you guys!!!
Anyway, I really wanted to like this book, but I found it ridiculous. First, the relationship between Holmes and Watson is totally unbelievable, IMHO. All of the sudden they are best friends when the day before they hated each other? It also was just all over the dang place. I couldn't get invested because I was constantly confused about what was going on. I also didn't love how it glorified drugs to a young adult audience. A huge part of the plot is that Holmes is using oxy, but it really is only seen as a negative thing once. Being around teenagers almost all the time, I can testify that they are really prone to suggestions like this. I did like the basic idea behind it, though. 
I really want someone to read it so we can talk about it and so you can prove me wrong! Please! Maybe it just caught me at a weird time. 
 I give it 2/5 stars, but again, someone prove me wrong! 
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