Wednesday, June 8, 2016

how we wore it//summer casual

I took a break from doing the How We Wore It posts, but since it is summer I am back in the game! If you are unfamiliar, Deidre will send a bunch of us blogger gals a inspiration image and we will pull looks from our own closet. 
This month, the theme was summer casual. 
The inspiration was from Gentri Lee's blog (which was exciting for me, none of the inspiration posts I have done have been from a blog I actually read regularly!). Gentri's style here is super laid back and comfy which is exactly how I feel in the summer. 
Though I was excited about taking inspiration from someone I knew, I had a hard time with this months challenge. I don't really own any graphic tees! I was so stressed. Then I decided to lean on the theme of "summer casual" and just wear an outfit that I have been wearing nonstop this summer. My friend saw me the other day and she was like, "you were wearing that the last time I saw you..." haha, guilty! I just love it because it feels laid back but it's also really cute. 

Can someone write a book about how to not look like an idiot when wearing something around your waist? Thanks! 

Okay, so story time with these pictures. A few weeks ago I found a cool wall by the Lehi Library that I wanted to take pictures in front of. Well, I thought that is where the wall was. When Mark and I went to find it for these pictures, I couldn't find it! I was so annoyed with myself that I didn't drop a pin or something. Anyway, so we were just driving around Lehi to find a place to take these when I spotted this gorgeous rose bush by this cute white fence. While we were taking these pictures, this weird (probably had some issues) guy came up and started screaming at Mark that he was going to punch him in the **bleeping** face if he didn't put the camera away and stop taking pictures of him. He just kept coming closer and closer to Mark! I was trying to explain that it was just taking pictures of me, we weren't taking them of him but he wasn't listening. He just started screaming at us to get in the bleeping car. I was seriously so scared I was shaking! I still am, actually. I thought he was going to hurt Mark or at the very least, smash my camera. I was also bummed because A. I had two outfits I was going to do for this post and B. I realized these pictures were too bright after the fact and I could have adjusted my settings, but since I was so freaked out we just drove home really fast. People are so scary! 
Right now I am at Lake Powell hopefully having a great time with no service, so I have had to pre-schedule this post which means it is missing some of the links. If you want to check out the other posts for #HowWeWoreIt and see how other ladies styled this look, head to Deidre's blog and she will have the complete list there as well as a link of where to sign up.
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