Monday, June 13, 2016

Lake Powell Part One

My family has been going to Lake Powell in the summers since before I was born. I pretty much grew up around these red rocks and warm waters. My Mom actually fell off of a boat when she was pregnant with me in Lake Powell, so that explains quite a bit. Generally, i'm very surprised when I meet people that have never been to Lake Powell because for me, it is just normal to go all the time! However, now that I am older and especially in preparing for this trip many people told me they had never been, which is really a shame! It's so beautiful and one of a kind. This was our last Lake Powell trip for a long time as our family is just too big and the houseboats are too expensive. I will definitely miss it! I was extra sad about this "last trip" because Mark had to stay home to work and he has never been to Lake Powell. It's just such a unique experience that can't be put into words, so if you haven't gone, go! Ok, on to the pictures!

We left extremely early in the morning (slash late at night?) to make the long drive and get to Lake Powell early in the afternoon to pick up the houseboat. It takes a long time to get the houseboat and get everything loaded! Once we got everyone on the boat (by the way, we learned 24 people on a houseboat made for 12 is way too many!) and everything loaded up we set off to find a spot to camp for the night. We wanted to find a place with a beach for the kids that was also deep enough to go down the slide on the back of the boat. The first night we stayed on this beach with these big rocks we hiked all over! We found this HUGE nest with all of these bones in it, it was kind of gross... haha, but it was such a pretty view and the beach was so nice after a scorching day loading a boat.

So it's really not a Lake Powell trip if something isn't perfect. If we are being honest, that first night was probably the most miserable night of my entire life. It was 103 outside when we went to sleep and I got assigned to sleep inside the cabin where it was probably 107. I was on this uncomfortable bench thing and every half hour I would wake up and pour literally an entire water bottle on myself to stay cool. Around 2 AM the temperature finally dropped so I finally fell asleep, until the sun came up at 6 AM. Thankfully it only got better from there!

We decided to move somewhere up the canyon the next day so we got the shade from the canyon! That will be in the next post (this is one of three, I had way too many stories to do one post) Here are some pictures, I also have a VLOG coming! 

 Doesn't my brother in law look awesome in this picture? We were on our hike and then we were like, "Where's Breen?" and we looked up and he was on the top of mountain!

We also chased these rabbits around for a while! They were huge and they came right up on us!
 Fun fact: My whole body was retaining so much water the first three days we were there. My whole face, hands, feet were insanely swollen! I just wasn't drinking enough water. It was really weird and I was very freaked out, but I just woke up on the fourth day and I was fine!
This is my niece Halli! She is the sweetest, except when she gets mad! She got so mad at me about ten minutes after this picture because she wasn't listening and I put her in a mini time out. She was screaming at me that she didn't love me anymore and locking me out of the houseboat, it was still adorable.
Here's my older niece, Abby! It's so crazy to me that my nieces and nephews are just so old. (This is the Abby I remember!) I was so busy growing up myself since my first nephew was born when I was ten that I forgot that they were growing up too! Abby was talking about when she gets to drive next year and I was like, "woah? when did my little dudes get so old?" it was such a weird experience. My favorite part of the trip was after I moved to sleeping on the roof of the houseboat with these crazy teenagers and listening to them talk to each other! They are such..people? They had really interesting comments on school and education, it was really great to have good conversations with them.

Okay, that was the first day! Mostly driving and exploring!
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