Monday, June 20, 2016

Lake Powell Part Three

Both of my sisters and their families left a few days before we did, so we had a few days with just eight of us on the houseboat and it was so weird after having a houseboat that was a little too full! Less people meant that we could make the two hour speedboat ride to Rainbow Bridge. It is such a pretty drive! We got lost a few times but I didn't even mind. 

When we got to Rainbow Bridge we realized we forgot Brooklyn's shoes, and it was a two-ish mile hike. SuperDad to the rescue! He carried her on his shoulders the whole way. It was HOT too! The entire trip I was just amazed at how my Dad went out of his way to make everyone else happy, he never thought about himself! Even when we got home at midnight he was about to go get milk so Taylor could have cereal. He was pretty beat up at the end of the trip, another reason we probably won't be going back for a while. 
We also took the dogs only to realize that there are no dogs allowed at Rainbow Bridge, so my Mom had to stay in the boat with them. It was such a gorgeous hike despite the heat! It is 
 a must see if you go.  On the way home we stopped and helped a family who had run out of gas, we towed them back to our houseboat and gave them gas. The karma came back to help us in a big way!
A few more stories about things going wrong, I promise it was a fun trip, things just tend to go wrong at Lake Powell! Things just seemed to go downhill fast after my brother in laws left, because my Dad didn't have any help really, besides me and i'm kind of useless.
-When we got back from Rainbow Bridge we were settling down and getting ready to get dinner ready when I realized the anchor had came undone from the houseboat and we were moving! My Dad tried to drive the houseboat back into the beach when we realized the really heavy metal bridge at the front of the houseboat was still down and had fallen in the water and sunk! My dad had hopped out and grabbed it, but he needed help getting it on the boat, so I hopped in the water, but I fell into the hole that the metal ramp had created and my ankle went completely to one side! So as I am crying and trying to get the ramp onto the boat, I realize the water is up to my neck and I have no lifejacket, so I swim to shore and leave my Dad to chase the houseboat. Long, stressful story short, my Dad was swimming as hard as he could to get to the houseboat but he started to get tired. If it hadn't of been for some strangers driving by that decided to stop and help pull my Dad out of the water and untangle the anchor rope from the houseboat engine so it could start, he probably would have drowned! It was so scary because I was watching from the shore but couldn't do anything! Anyway, so we secured the houseboat and went to sleep.
....for like an hour. I woke up at like 1 AM to horrible, insane winds. The houseboat was rocking so hard, the speedboat was crashing up against the houseboat. I managed to crawl downstairs in the wind (remember, i'm sleeping on the upper deck under the stars!) and everyone was awake, my Dad was working hard to make sure the houseboat anchors stayed in. We had to re-tie the speedboat onto the houseboat to make sure it didn't blow away but the waves were so big and the wind was blowing us over!  It was really intense and scary! We kept thinking the wind would let up but they kept getting worse. Eventually I managed to fall asleep but my Dad stayed up all night, reburying the anchors and making sure we didn't go anywhere. 
-The next morning we got up and decided to pack everything up because we were just ready to go home! So we pack everything up and we untie the houseboat to get ready to leave when, after a series of events, the houseboat becomes stuck on a rock. It's not going ANYWHERE. My Dad is panicking and i'm freaked out because I have to drive the houseboat while my Dad is pushing it in the water. I was so stressed that my Dad was going to get caught in the propellers because he was right behind them! And again, a stranger stops and offers to help us and we were able to get out. People really notice when something isn't quite right in Lake Powell, it's like a sixth sense, and it is incredible!

A few more random photos from the week...
I love doing things with my sister because she notices things I skip over, like the texture of this rock!

And this one!

Don't they look like books or something? 

queen of the desert or something

I wish Mark would have been there so we could have taken a cool picture like this! My sister and her husband,

These flowers are cool because they only open at nighttime!

 These two photos are a classic description of what happens when my Dad drives tubers around! Haha!

Here;s a picture of Tucker in my suitcase. He was 100% done at the end of the week haha.
Thanks for listening to my Lake Powell adventures! I might do a vlog but I realized that it is mostly my nephew Jsoh whining at me to get away from him hahaha....the joys of family vaca! 
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