Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lake Powell Part Two

So after the scorching hot night, we made the four hour houseboat drive (later we found out we took the long way and it could have been an hour journey, oh well!)  to find a cave to camp in for the night. We stopped the houseboat halfway through to let the kids jump in the water and cool off. Then when we went to leave, our houseboat WOULD NOT start. We tried everything! To top it off, we didn't have service nor were our emergency radios working. It was so sketchy! My Dad was really good about not showing his panic or worry, but we kept crashing up against these huge rocks and it was just very scary. We realized that someone had bumped up against the emergency fuel shutoff button but didn't know how to fix it. I just kept praying that our boat would start and finally after over an hour, it started! We are still not sure what happened. A little bit later the generator broke meaning we had no electrical anything, including AC! It just isn't Lake Powell without mechanical errors!
So we found his really great spot that had sand for the kids as well as shade, but the problem was there were seven other houseboats on the same beach. We just started anchoring there when a little speedboat full of teenagers came over and this older guy driving the boat told my Dad  that on the boat next to us there were 80 teenagers on a senior trip, just warning us. We didn't really believe them slash were too hot to care very much? Not really sure why we didn't do anything...but anyway. So we camped there. Well, turns out, he was right and we should have gotten the h out of there. At 2 AM they started partying, honking the crazy loud houseboat horns, playing a movie on the top of their houseboat (fast and furious, lots of car engines revving!) it should have been miserable but I was just laughing so hard for some reason! I wouldn't have been if the toddlers had woken up, but the teenagers were all in great spirits about it and we were just laughing about the fact that we knew this would happen and still didn't move! When the kids woke up at 6 AM we tried to be really noisy to pay them back...then we got the heck out of there!
A sad thing that happened this day, our dog Cooper got heat stroke! He was so hot he was delusional. He usually loves my Dad (like, he needs therapy and/or a restraining order) but he refused to let my Dad pick him up and was trying to get these park rangers to pick him up when usually he hates strangers! We dunked him in the water really quickly after that and he was ok, but it was so sad! Chihuahuas are not built for trips like these we realized. 
So after we left that cave, we stopped at a random beach to rest for a while and then continued to search and eventually found the place to park for the rest of our trip. There was a huge rock that blocked the sun in the mornings, a beach for the kids, it was deep in the back and it was close to the marina so we could run our garbage and go get ice very easily! 

 These two boys fished for a majority of the trip! We would drop them off on a rock with a walkie talkie and pick them up later in the day!

A bunch of the group swam out to those rocks and hiked all over them! So tiresome but really fun.
Our houseboat! I slept on top under the canopy and it was really great!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was just floatin around with my Mom while the kids were out boating! Again, there is literally nothing like Lake Powells warm waters. We would take baths in our swimsuits and night and it was so warm, we didn't want to get out! 
This trip almost killed Tucker. He was so scared! However he would have these little moments of bravery where we would be like, "where's Tuck??" and we would look outside and he was cleaaaaar down the beach trying to visit another houseboat. 
 I walked out and saw her like this and ran back in to get my camera. Who does this?? haha! 

This little dude had a rough time on the trip! Houseboats are dangerous for little kids, they literally wore their lifejackets almost the whole time! Trying to contain this kid in a small houseboat was rough!

 This is classic brother sister relationship haha!

 I taught Brooklyn how to use my camera, sort of....
With the help of Mark's photoshop class, we did a really bad job at photoshopping not only a child out of this picture, but a ton of beach toys! Haha! You can totally tell #clonestampfail but I was amazed nonetheless. 

Last Lake Powell post coming!
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  1. K this trip sounds so cool. I've never been! I gotta go sometime!