Wednesday, June 15, 2016

pink hair inspo (plus throwback pics lolz)

A little while ago, I won a giveaway on Brookyn's instagram for $20 off a service and it was the push I needed to convince myself to dye my hair pink. 
In high school, I had pink streaks (which got me fired from a job, whoops!) but I have never been all pink and I have wanted to do it since high school. As a teacher, summertime gives me the perfect opportunity to do this because by the time we go back to school in August, it will be washed out of my hair.
I know dying your hair crazy colors is trendy right now, but I honestly get very annoyed when people judge others for doing trendy things. Who even cares? If pink hair makes me happy, i'm dying my hair pink, I don't care if it's every other picture on your instagram feed! We need a lot more happiness in the world right now, and pink hair might be trivial or trendy but that's just fine with me! Sometime's that is just what you need.

Here is the inspiration I am going for: 

I'm so excited to finally do this! I dug up some pictures of my pink streaks in high school. This was the day that we had to take my senior pictures from Lifetouch and we totally forgot. My streaks are really faded!

 Long story short, we hated those pictures of me head to toe in Downeast apparel, plus my Mom wanted my pink hair GONE, AND I got my braces off the next week, so we took new ones. My hair girl had to put this crazy red in my hair to cover the pink! It was such an ordeal. ALSO BANGS!!!!

 HOLY SKINNY RILEY! I was 160 in this picture, my goal weight now, but I was always stressed out about how much bigger I was than my friends. I actually have an entire blog post sitting in my drafts about this issue. Anyway, isn't there so many things you wish you could go back and tell your high school self?? Like have confidence, etc. 

Man, this blog post took a weird turn! Anyway, i'm excited to get my hair dyed pink again! Stay tuned!
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