Monday, June 13, 2016

Video Blog Challenge 2016! (FLOG CHALLENGE)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last year, my friend Leah came up with this really cool idea to push us out of our comfort zones as bloggers and creative people! It was called FLOG, aka four vlogs. Leah would give us four different prompts and we would set out to make a video blog about that prompt! It was really fun to make all of those videos and to see what other people came up with. We would all link up with each other and there were some super, super fun videos.
Here are mine from last year:
One: Introduction 
Two:  How To Video
Three: Routines
annnnnd I didn't quite get around to week four, which was strange because what else was I doing?
We are doing it again this year! Emily, Leah and I have come up with four prompts and we hope you will join us, blog or no blog!
1. You will post a video every Thursday, starting July 7th, for four weeks. So that's July 7th, July 14th, July 21st and July 28th.
2.  I'll post a linkup on my video posts where you can add your link, then we'll all watch each other's videos!
3. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you don't do all four, even if you don't post the videos on time, it's fine! We just want everyone to have a good time and make some great videos.
1. Recipe Video
Have you guys seen those Tasty style recipe videos? I think they are so awesome! We were thinking something along the lines of this style of recipe video! However, if you aren't into that, you can just do a regular video talking about or cooking your favorite recipe! However you want to do it!
2. One to Three
Take your favorite clothing item in your closet right now and incorporate it into three different outfits! Get it? One to three? I promise I know the difference between to and two, I just thought it was clever....haha
3. Favorite Places
This could be a tour of your favorite place, it could be a compilation of favorite restaurants or local spots, whatever! Just anything about anywhere that you fancy!
4. Stop Motion
(When Emily came up with this idea, I instantly thought of this video, probably my all time favorite joke in Parks and Recreation) 
 We wanted to leave this pretty open ended. Create a stop motion video about whatever you want!
Last year we did an introduction video as our first one, so if you are new to this challenge you could post an intro video sometime between now and July 7th!
Let me know if you have any questions about the Flog Challenge! If you are interested, sign up here so I can send you some information and get your links!
A word from Leah last year that still rings true:
"(Watching people’s videos is v fun, so please join in! I know filming yourself feels weird, but don’t worry — we will all look stupid together. Clearly I’m not taking this very seriously, it’s totally just for fun. No one cares if your videos aren’t super well put together.) 

I totally agree! Looking back on my FLOGs from last year, i'm definately cringing because I was using the wrong size of curling wand, my editing, lots of things, but it was so fun to make and i'm glad to have those videos!
If you want to spread the word, you can totally use the very quality image that I have made to go along with this post on your blog or various social media. 

See ya July 7th, FLOGGERS! 
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