Thursday, July 28, 2016

flogs (also i'm the worst)

Well guys, i'm back in the swing of things at school and then on top of selling Lipsense i'm like why do I overload myself always.....but i've been asking myself that for a long time haha!
Anyway, all this to say that my flog for last week didn't get filmed and oh, my flog for this week ALSO didn't get filmed! 
As I was thinking about backtracking and doing last weeks video, the prompt for that being "favorite places" I decided to share the video I made of clips from Vancouver, because I decided my favorite place is on vacation. It doesn't matter where, I just like going places. Who doesn't?

You can check that out below!
Here is the link up for Flog #3, favorite places!
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This weeks prompt was stop motion. I know what i'm doing for this video but filming it became tricky when I realized I didn't plan my life like I should. So look for that next week.

Meanwhile, watch the other ladies flogs here!

This is the last official flog post, hopefully my final stop motion one will be making an appearance soon.
I have a few "serious" posts that are sitting in my drafts and i'm trying to find the courage to write maybe stay tuned for those.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

sometimes you just have to put on some lipgloss and pretend to be psyched.

Well you guys, it happened.
Yesterday I decided I wasn't quite the stereotypical Utah Blogger Mormon enough, wasn't quite annoying on social media enough, so I made a decision.

I decided to join an MLM.

I love this ish

Okay, but really. I posted a while ago that I tried Lipsense, a lipstick that does NOT come off all day through eating, drinking, kissing, sweating etc and they have a million different shades and i'm basically obsessed. I really wanted to buy some but then I learned it was very cheap to become a distributer and just have a discount. Cheaper, in fact. However once I noticed how much I loove the product, I started seeing distributers allllll over social media and I was like, "how did something get so insanely saturated in like two seconds?" but then I remembered the discount that you get on all these lippie colors and I was like "yassss"

So I signed up and i'm selling it, but please keep reading!!

I promise that I will not be annoying,  I promise I will not add you into any groups that you don't want to be in. I promise I will not message you or stalk you. I promise I won't pretend like we're tight if we aren't in order to sell you something. Basically, I won't be a douchebag about this.

However if you are interested, join my facebook group! I'm authorized to discount the product to a certain extent so I really want to give you the best deal possible. I'm not trying to make this a business, which is maybe the wrong attitude to go into this with but I do nawt have time for that. Anyway what i'm saying is I love the product, I want you to have the product but I don't want to annoy you or stalk you in the world of ever prevalent MLMs.

Join my group here if you just are curious or want more info. 

I love you guys. Thanks for supporting me in this because I am actually really overwhelmed by the whole thing and Mark is not feeling it either so I need someone to be like, "you can do the thing!"

Okay have a great day! :) 

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Alison Show's Hip Hop Hooray!

Right off the bat, this is probably going to be confusing because Alison had a different party this weekend, but this was about her party at the beginning of June. Okay. Let's carry on.

So, you might be wondering who the heck is Alison and why is she having parties? Especially if you are not really immersed in the blogging world. So i'm here to tell you! 
I first found out about Alison when I stumbled into her blog. She was selling really cute baby mobiles and she was pregnant with her second baby. She blogged a little bit here
Not to tell her story, but from what I understand, she would just throw these really cute birthday parties for her kids and they slowly got bigger and bigger. I attended her Dance your Axe Off party that was part of Freshly Picked. They were free back then. I was really surprised at how every little detail was planned and perfectly coordinated to the theme. After that party I got married, graduated, moved to Maryland etc. Halfway through my Maryland stint, I flew back to Utah and it just so happened that Alison was throwing her Flamingo Fest. Again, it was free but there was a limit on tickets. I commented on her instagram begging to go and she was like, "yes come!" and so I dyed my hair with kool aide (not smart, I had to cut it out) and went! Since I went alone it was awkward and I walked in and walked out basically but it was again, beautiful. 
Then Alison decided to start charging for her parties, as she should! I can't imagine the work that goes into them. She did Alison's Cabana Boogie, Alison's Gem Jam and Alison's Candy Shoppe. And now, Alison's Hip Hop Hooray! This is the first party that I attended for a party that cost money, (however I won the tickets). 

So what goes on at these parties? Mainly, dancing. There is a great DJ and a lot of girls getting down on the dance floor without judgment. She has Platinum Studio, a hair salon that for the 90s party, put butterfly clips in my hair. They have food, lots of food. Soda, of course, in personalized cups that I use every day now. She also has plenty of photo backdrops. I went with my friend Chaela and we both were hesitant about dancing at first, so we hit up all the photo backdrops, ate some food, got our hair done before we warmed up to dancing. The dancing was so fun! I usually do nooooot dance. I hate dancing because I feel like everyone is judging me constantly, which is untrue but that's how I feel. However at the party, I was just having a blast dancing! Plus I love 90s hip hop, it's my lifeblood, so it was just great. Chaela and I planned on only staying for an hour and we stayed for the entire party. PLUS! When we left, we got a pair of Lularoe leggings! They aren't the cutest things, they look like the floor of Classic Skating, but I bum around the house in them all the time so they are good.

The tickets cost $25 and she raised the price for her next party, the one that happened last week called Alison's Shell Yes (check out the hashtag on insta!) and it cost $50 a ticket. So a lot of people ask, are the parties worth it? 

Here's how I feel..
Mainly, I love supporting women doing awesome things. 
I think that it's really important to have a girls night once in a while.
I believe in spending money on yourself.

So yes, I think it's worth the money. However, just like what I said about the Odysseo Cavalia show, if you are going to constantly be wondering if you are getting your money's worth then you probably won't enjoy it. If you have to worry about how you are going to pay for groceries or gas because you are going to her event, you won't enjoy it. However, if you have that money and you are just going to spend it at Target or on food, it's 100% worth it!

She said she is taking a break for a while, so keep checking on her instagram to see if she posts any info about a new party! The only other bummer is not only do her tickets sell out within minutes, but her tickets go on sale at 10 AM usually and I can't exactly tell my class, "hold up guys, I have to buy tickets to this party real quick..." but you can't please everyone! And usually people have changes of plans and end up selling their tickets so if you really try, there is a good chance you will get tickets. 

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

First Impressions: Loreal

Hey guys!
I snapped about this a few weeks ago, but as most of you know I am an influencer with a company called...Influenster! You don't need to have a blog or a big following on any social channels. They send you little boxes called vox boxes to review on websites like Walmart, Amazon, Ulta, etc. 
Last week, I got the best Vox Box I have ever received! This Vox Box FULL of goodies from Loreal. I decided to do a first impressions video! Before you watch that, I wanted to note that the filming threw me off so much that I did my makeup in the weirdest order! Always always, I do my mascara last and for some reason it was first? So just ignore that, I promise I know that mascara goes on last. But my next question is does eyeliner go on before or after eyeshadow? I'm assuming after and so that's what I have done after shooting this video. ANYWAY! I have a final review about the products now that I have used them for a while, but watch all of the first impression goodness first:

Okay, so now I have used the products for two weeks and wanted to update you about how I feel! 
I still love the Infallible eyeliner. I never wore eyeliner before and now I wear it every day! I am still learning, so sometimes it is really thick or not even, but I love that it makes my eyes look bigger because I have the smallest eyes! 
I still use the brow kit, though I bought a new brow brush and it has made all the difference! I haven't had any bad eyebrow days recently, which is saying something for me!
I decided that the lighter eye shadow that I used as my highlight is way too light. I can see it in the video as I re-watch it, so I haven't really used it.
The darker shade I use, but I still prefer Morphe palettes! 
And lastly, the mascara....
I felt like I really tried to give the mascara a chance. I tried the mascara by itself without the primer, I tried the primer with another mascara...i'm still not a fan at all. Every time I wore it I ended up taking a baby wipe to my face before the day was done. With the primer, the mascara becomes really flaky. it's actually gross. Without the primer, it's a little better. I just love my CoverGirl lash blast. It is so much better! I'm really bummed that it didn't work for me because it says that it has a "cult following" which kind of freaks me out because who says that about a simple mascara!? 

Here are the links if you want to try any of the products! I would highly recommend the brow kit and the eyeliner. 

Voluminous Base Primer
Voluminous Mascara
Brow Stylist Prep and Shape Pro Kit
Loreal Infallible Eyeliner
Loreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow
(I think I have either Paris Beach and Quartz Fume, because it was a tester it only had numbers on the packaging that now don't align)

and if you want to join Influenster for free, head to and sign up! Again, you don't have to be a blogger or have a big social media following!

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

tips for learning to braid your own hair

Hey guys!
If you peaced out because you aren't into vacation posts, i'm back! It's me! Haha!

Maybe it's an ADD thing, but often times I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and can't go back to sleep because I can't stop thinking about it. I literally keep a pen and paper by my bed so I can wake up and write down what i'm thinking about so I can let it go and go to sleep! Some of those ideas are blog post ideas! They are all just stacked up into my drafts, usually with just a title and nothing else. 
This is one I have been thinking about for a while because everyone always asks me how I did my braids! I'm not an expert at all, but I can successful fishtail, dutch braid, french braid, etc etc etc on my own head. This is kind of a miracle for me, I realize as I am writing for an education blog that focuses on developmental disorders that I don't have very good fine motor skills. My fingers...don't work. I constantly am dropping things, messing things up, I even type real weird. My handwriting is horrible, another classic sign. So by all definition I shouldn't be able to braid! But I can!

So how did I learn? This might be obvious, but I watched a loooooot of Twist Me Pretty Tutorials....

....and then I stopped looking in the mirror.

I realized most of braiding is getting the movements right, and I figured out that I could braid way better without a mirror than I can with one! 
I started learning with a dutch french braid. The strands have to go under each other instead of on top. Once I stopped looking at my movements in the mirror and did it by how it felt, my braids were perfect!
That was a few years ago and  to this day, I can't braid looking in a mirror! 
So if you struggle with braiding, try that!

Also, I was supposed to have a vlog for today but I failed. Wah wah. Hopefully it can get made before next week! 

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

vancouver wrap up

With the exception of me putting together a video, this is the last Vancouver post! This is a few random things that we did that we didn't document super well...
One day we went to Granville Island, which isn't actually an island so that gets a little confusing...but anyway it's just a big market, like Pike's Market in Seattle. So much good food, I was going crazy trying not to buy everything! But I did end up buying a loooooot.

Thanks to my SIL Sarah for these pictures!

The last day we were in Vancouver, I found a groupon for a ferry tour. It was kind of cheesy but I really wanted to be on the water. Mark and I just went on a little date and it was so fun! It was beautiful, the weather was fantastic and I just got to hang with ma boo looking at pretty views!

 They had a airplane boat thing...landing strip. They kept landing right over our boat!

 Note to self: no more ponytails. Bald Riley thanks you.

 I've never seen a bald eagle in America, but here was this dude.
 A view of Stanley Park from the ferry!

As mentioned we were around on Canada Day which mostly sucked but ended really well with ice cream and a walk by the pier with Mark.

Mark had been a quality instagram husband all week but he was 100% done by this point
 We went to the museum of anthropology and it was 1. unreasonably and outrageously expensive, thank goodness for groupon and 2. so odd, confusing and overwhelming. Definitely don't recommend it but very glad we did it? Somehow? Haha anyway they had this huge exhibit by a native artist who hates white people, as he probably should and his art left me uncomfortable, as he probably intended. I didn't take a picture of it but he made this huge cross out of bloody white underwear. It was odd.

Vancouver was such a relaxing vacation! Nothing really went wrong besides the Salmon Festival day...screw that festival. It was so fun to see somewhere new! I fall into the trap of going to the same places again and again...this inspired me to see more of the world! Thank you Canada! and thank YOU people, for sticking with me if you hate vacation posts.  Sure do love you guys!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

sea to sky

I mentioned in my Joffre Lakes post that the drive up to the hike was along the famous Sea to Sky drive. It was so gorgeous! There were the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. The only stupid thing is there was absolutely no where to pull off except for the built in "scenic lookouts" and those were horrible! We ended up having to walk down this sketchy path right by the highway to get these pictures that were even remotely decent. Anyway, it was the end of the day and the lighting was so pretty. It was definitely a cool experience that I will always remember!

Remember that food baby? Oh ya. It's real right now.

This is the first scenic overlook. What is scenic about these powerlines???

This was another "scenic overlook" like???

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