Monday, July 25, 2016

Alison Show's Hip Hop Hooray!

Right off the bat, this is probably going to be confusing because Alison had a different party this weekend, but this was about her party at the beginning of June. Okay. Let's carry on.

So, you might be wondering who the heck is Alison and why is she having parties? Especially if you are not really immersed in the blogging world. So i'm here to tell you! 
I first found out about Alison when I stumbled into her blog. She was selling really cute baby mobiles and she was pregnant with her second baby. She blogged a little bit here
Not to tell her story, but from what I understand, she would just throw these really cute birthday parties for her kids and they slowly got bigger and bigger. I attended her Dance your Axe Off party that was part of Freshly Picked. They were free back then. I was really surprised at how every little detail was planned and perfectly coordinated to the theme. After that party I got married, graduated, moved to Maryland etc. Halfway through my Maryland stint, I flew back to Utah and it just so happened that Alison was throwing her Flamingo Fest. Again, it was free but there was a limit on tickets. I commented on her instagram begging to go and she was like, "yes come!" and so I dyed my hair with kool aide (not smart, I had to cut it out) and went! Since I went alone it was awkward and I walked in and walked out basically but it was again, beautiful. 
Then Alison decided to start charging for her parties, as she should! I can't imagine the work that goes into them. She did Alison's Cabana Boogie, Alison's Gem Jam and Alison's Candy Shoppe. And now, Alison's Hip Hop Hooray! This is the first party that I attended for a party that cost money, (however I won the tickets). 

So what goes on at these parties? Mainly, dancing. There is a great DJ and a lot of girls getting down on the dance floor without judgment. She has Platinum Studio, a hair salon that for the 90s party, put butterfly clips in my hair. They have food, lots of food. Soda, of course, in personalized cups that I use every day now. She also has plenty of photo backdrops. I went with my friend Chaela and we both were hesitant about dancing at first, so we hit up all the photo backdrops, ate some food, got our hair done before we warmed up to dancing. The dancing was so fun! I usually do nooooot dance. I hate dancing because I feel like everyone is judging me constantly, which is untrue but that's how I feel. However at the party, I was just having a blast dancing! Plus I love 90s hip hop, it's my lifeblood, so it was just great. Chaela and I planned on only staying for an hour and we stayed for the entire party. PLUS! When we left, we got a pair of Lularoe leggings! They aren't the cutest things, they look like the floor of Classic Skating, but I bum around the house in them all the time so they are good.

The tickets cost $25 and she raised the price for her next party, the one that happened last week called Alison's Shell Yes (check out the hashtag on insta!) and it cost $50 a ticket. So a lot of people ask, are the parties worth it? 

Here's how I feel..
Mainly, I love supporting women doing awesome things. 
I think that it's really important to have a girls night once in a while.
I believe in spending money on yourself.

So yes, I think it's worth the money. However, just like what I said about the Odysseo Cavalia show, if you are going to constantly be wondering if you are getting your money's worth then you probably won't enjoy it. If you have to worry about how you are going to pay for groceries or gas because you are going to her event, you won't enjoy it. However, if you have that money and you are just going to spend it at Target or on food, it's 100% worth it!

She said she is taking a break for a while, so keep checking on her instagram to see if she posts any info about a new party! The only other bummer is not only do her tickets sell out within minutes, but her tickets go on sale at 10 AM usually and I can't exactly tell my class, "hold up guys, I have to buy tickets to this party real quick..." but you can't please everyone! And usually people have changes of plans and end up selling their tickets so if you really try, there is a good chance you will get tickets. 

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