Sunday, July 24, 2016

First Impressions: Loreal

Hey guys!
I snapped about this a few weeks ago, but as most of you know I am an influencer with a company called...Influenster! You don't need to have a blog or a big following on any social channels. They send you little boxes called vox boxes to review on websites like Walmart, Amazon, Ulta, etc. 
Last week, I got the best Vox Box I have ever received! This Vox Box FULL of goodies from Loreal. I decided to do a first impressions video! Before you watch that, I wanted to note that the filming threw me off so much that I did my makeup in the weirdest order! Always always, I do my mascara last and for some reason it was first? So just ignore that, I promise I know that mascara goes on last. But my next question is does eyeliner go on before or after eyeshadow? I'm assuming after and so that's what I have done after shooting this video. ANYWAY! I have a final review about the products now that I have used them for a while, but watch all of the first impression goodness first:

Okay, so now I have used the products for two weeks and wanted to update you about how I feel! 
I still love the Infallible eyeliner. I never wore eyeliner before and now I wear it every day! I am still learning, so sometimes it is really thick or not even, but I love that it makes my eyes look bigger because I have the smallest eyes! 
I still use the brow kit, though I bought a new brow brush and it has made all the difference! I haven't had any bad eyebrow days recently, which is saying something for me!
I decided that the lighter eye shadow that I used as my highlight is way too light. I can see it in the video as I re-watch it, so I haven't really used it.
The darker shade I use, but I still prefer Morphe palettes! 
And lastly, the mascara....
I felt like I really tried to give the mascara a chance. I tried the mascara by itself without the primer, I tried the primer with another mascara...i'm still not a fan at all. Every time I wore it I ended up taking a baby wipe to my face before the day was done. With the primer, the mascara becomes really flaky. it's actually gross. Without the primer, it's a little better. I just love my CoverGirl lash blast. It is so much better! I'm really bummed that it didn't work for me because it says that it has a "cult following" which kind of freaks me out because who says that about a simple mascara!? 

Here are the links if you want to try any of the products! I would highly recommend the brow kit and the eyeliner. 

Voluminous Base Primer
Voluminous Mascara
Brow Stylist Prep and Shape Pro Kit
Loreal Infallible Eyeliner
Loreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow
(I think I have either Paris Beach and Quartz Fume, because it was a tester it only had numbers on the packaging that now don't align)

and if you want to join Influenster for free, head to and sign up! Again, you don't have to be a blogger or have a big social media following!

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