Thursday, July 7, 2016

FLIGHT #readyforliftoff (plus a giveaway!)

One aspect of my blog that I really like and take pride in is that I help promote events in Utah. I think experiences are a lot more valuable for you peeps, my readers, than me showing you a cute outfit I have put together (though that doesn't stop me and it never will! Vanity forever!).

I'm excited to talk about something that is coming to Utah in August, which is a new exhibit at the Leonardo called FLIGHT. This exhibit is not a traveling exhibit like Body Worlds or Dead Sea Scrolls, but it's a display that will be at the museum for the next few years.

I love the idea behind Flight. The good people at the Leonardo chose to assemble this exhibit because it was one of Leonardo da Vinci’s biggest passions during his life. Since the museum is named after him, it fits perfectly. 

So what will be at this new exhibit? The answer, a ton of stuff.
They will have a full-sized replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s very first man-powered flying machine on display in the exhibit, a C-131 aircraft that they had to DISASSEMBLE THE BUILDING to get it inside, it's that big. You can actually get in with this thing and touch buttons. BUTTONS! Anyway, the Flight exhibit has interactive activities that will teach visitors about three different types of flight. Buoyant flight (hot air balloons), Aerodynamic flight (airplanes) and Ballistic flight (missiles and rockets). Among these exhibits there are a lot of things you can mess with in order to learn. As a teacher, that is my favorite way to learn. Kinestethically. :) The list of every single thing they are going to offer is too long to include here, so you'll have to trust me that you will NOT be bored.
FLIGHT at The Leonardo from The Leonardo on Vimeo.

OKAY! BEST PART! Not only do I looooove talking about events in Utah, but I absolutely love a dang good deal. Right now, the Leonardo is doing a Kickstarter to get the funding for this exhibit. You can find the link HERE.
Because of this, they are offering crazy incentives. For a five dollar donation, you get a $13 ticket! They have a lot of levels of donations with incentives. For example, if you back with $30 you get 4 tickets to the exhibit, bomber hat and goggles, plus a treat at the cafe. Normal retail price for the tickets is $12.95/ticket, so this almost $5 off adult tickets and $3 off the lowest kids pricing. It’s a great deal! Once the kickstarter is over, finding a deal for this exhibit will be few and far between, so take advantage! I know that some of you are being driven crazy by your children since it's summer. (I know because they drive me crazy during the school year! We trade off! :)) So this would be a perfect activity to get you through that last stretch.

Also, with a $50 contribution you get tickets to the event i'm going to attend, the kickoff of the whole dang thing called The World’s Largest Field Trip on Friday, August 5th. This is where the museum is exclusive to a small amount of people and it has other special events going on! It will be really cool.

You should donate to get the discount tickets and also to support something really cool in Utah! We live in a special place and this is the stuff that really makes us different from anywhere else. 

The Leonardo has given me a family pass to give away! It's valued at $145 and allows 2 adults and up to 6 guests year round access to the museum and all of the exhibits. You also get 15% off in the bistro and in the retail store. Plus, you get to come to all of our cool monthly member events for free like the Bubble Fest in July and behind-the-scenes access to new exhibits as they open. You can also have discounted birthday parties at The Leo. This is so awesome! 
IMPORTANT: You can only use one name, one email. No using your name for different emails or different names for the same email. Let's keep it fair, please!
Giveaway will close on July 11th at 11PM, and the winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize, so enter now! 

Make sure to share the Kickstarter campaign on Facebook to spread the word!

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