Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How We Wore It: Summer Workout

Well guys, it's to the point of the summer where it's hot and I hate everything and am generally horrible to be around! I was out running errands today and I just felt so sweaty and hot and gross that I actually started crying...haha! I am such a baby when it comes to dealing with remotely any level of uncomfortable anything. We live in a basement apartment where it's actually so cold that we have to wear sweatshirts in the summer, aka my happy place. I will just stay in my happy place....
which is why these photos are taken literally two steps outside my happy place. I originally had big plans to shoot at a cool location blah blah but then I was like, "NOPE!" Haha, so here we are.

I'm back this month with another How We Wore It post. If you are new here, Deidre will email a bunch of bloggers an inspiration picture and we have to put together an outfit inspired by the picture based on items in our own closet. This months theme was summer workout. Here was our inspo picture:
Looks for Lovelies
Okay, I cheated on this challenge. When we first got the challenge I texted Emily and was like, "oh crap" because let's be real, I don't work out. Last summer I went to the gym every day and lost some weight but this summer has been insane. I haven't had a day to myself to relax, let alone go do something I literally hate doing. So anyway, that was a long way of saying I don't own work out clothes. So I figured this challenge would be a good incentive to go buy work out clothes. One step closer, ya know?
Okay, after dozens of stores I can officially say no one has good work out clothes right now. I searched high and low for a top like this but I only found weird tank tops that said things like, "does running late count as cardio?" and i'm like ummmmm hard pass.

So anyway, back to the part where I cheated. We were supposed to choose things from our own closets....but that wasn't happening for me. I found this three dollar work out top thing at Kohl's and it's okay. The main thing is that it runs huge and i'm wearing an extra small when I usually wear an extra large, so it makes me feel like I worked out a ton....haha! I died of laughter in the middle of Kohl's when I decided to try it on and it fit perfectly. Like imagine the poor soul who is actually an extra small that bought this thing without trying it on. Maybe that is why it was three dollars. Hmmm...
Heyyy self timer hey

My pink hair is like a strawberry lemonade color right now....

Aside from these crappy pictures of a subpar outfit, I love the How We Wore It series because it  fascinates me to see what other people come up with. Check out those lovely ladies!

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