Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

Coming to Vancouver, we knew that we were going to spend day up at Whistler. The drive up there was incredible, but I have a separate post for that. The reason we were going to Whistler was so my brother in law could mountain bike for his 17th birthday. Well, Mark and Mark's sister, Sarah, and I didn't really want to mountain bike, nor did we really want to sit around doing nothing, so Sarah went to work and did some research. She found this incredible hike that was supposedly on the level of bamf. 
What it is, is you pull into this place that is in the middle of nowhere. You walk on this flat trail for about five minutes and you are at the lower lake. It's beautiful, gorgeous. 
Smiling because I don't know about the horrible hike that is to come!

But guess what? You can hike to another lake from this lake, called the middle lake! This middle lake was supposed to be way more beautiful than the first, however you had to do a 11km, completely uphill hike to get there. That, my friends....was a faith testing experience. I struggled, to put it lightly. 
Mark was literally the ultimate supportive husband during this hike. I was in such a negative place, saying I couldn't do it like every step. I was crying, cursing in general, cursing at Mark, cursing at Sarah for finding this place, cursing Canada...haha! It was SO HARD! Mark just kept telling me that I don't give myself enough credit, convincing me that I can do hard things, (but why would I effing want to? I said. I was the literal devil) giving me small milestones, (let's get to that rock and we'll rest). Even though the hike equally sucked for him, he put all his energy into getting me to the top. THAT'S MARRIAGE, YO!
Anyway, we were taking a break on this log and I was debating if I could keep going. The sign said the hike was three hours one way, but we had read online it was only a little over an hour. At this point we had been hiking for an hour. If the hike had been two more hours, I definitely could not have made it happen. So we were debating about what to do, keep going or turn back. THEN! This little old lady comes down and was like, "you are seven minutes away, you can do this! You are in for a real treat when you get up there!" I SWEAR TO YOU PEOPLE, IT WAS THE LORD HIMSELF. All of the sudden I was like, "LET'S DO THIS THING!" and we did that last little stretch in record time. 
right before I said "LET'S DO THIS THING!" 

That's the lower lake from the hike!

As soon as we turned this corner of trees, (and after seeing a dog that looked like a little bear and me almost pooping myself), I felt this insanely cold breeze and looked up...there was a HUGE GLACIER and this gorgeously blue lake. It was unlike anything I have ever seen. It's a big bummer because pictures don't do it justice whatsoever. It was just...amazing. Nature is amazing. 

I'm 10/10 freaked out about being on this log hence my body language

This way cute little dog was having THE best time

Part of the pretty hike!

This log was literally called the "instagram log"

So we spent a lot of time taking pictures, standing in awe of the mere thing, putting our hurting feet in the freezing water and just hanging out. The middle lake was indeed more beautiful than the first.
BUT GUESS WHAT? There is an upper lake! The cool thing about this hike is that there are THREE LAKES. Lower, Middle, Upper. All in the same hike. You get the most bang for your buck.
Wouldn't it be cool if I now showed you pictures of the upper lake right now that we hiked to?
It would be cool, but alas we didn't. It was getting late and frankly, we weren't up for it. Looking back I wish we would have as it was only twenty more minutes to hike, but also the third lake is supposed to be the least pretty. However it is right next to the glacier, so that could have been cool.
We headed down (which hurt in all types of different ways, by the way!) and I just felt so bad for all the people huffing and puffing to the top. There were these teenage boys bringing a full on hookah complete with a table and chairs, the whole bit. They were so miserable. They were like, "how much longer?" and it was just really funny. 
Anyway, I would come to Canada just for this hike. It was incredible to see. I was not happy on the way up and I was also very, very sore for the next three days. However it was worth it and then some.

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