Thursday, July 14, 2016

Saltwater Sandals: Flog Week Two

Oh man, you guys. Filming the flog series is always adventure. Mostly it revolves around me putting it off to last minute. Literally every time, actually.
If you don't know, flog is a four week video series and each week we have a prompt. This week it was "ONE to THREE!" Basically, you take one item in your closet that you love and show how it can be incorporated into three different outfits.
What I wanted to do for this video was go to a thrift store, film it, find something that could be translated into three outfits. It would have been great.
But you guys, the DI isn't the haven that I thought it was in high school. 
So this was plan B! We actually have a stop motion prompt coming up so I thought it would be great practice. Anyway, I love my saltwater sandals because of their comfort and versatility. I have a solid saltwater tan line. They are my favorite thing and well worth the money. Unless you are a chacos person, then they probably don't compare.
Also, any Parks and Rec fans? Because the entire time I was filming I just thought about this scene.
Anyway, I overcompensated for my ten minute video in which I made enchiladas incorrectly last week for this thirty second video!
 I have linked all the items in the videos below!
Be sure to check out the other awesome ladies who are participating in this series below!
Did you participate in FLOG? Add your link here! 

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