Monday, July 25, 2016

sometimes you just have to put on some lipgloss and pretend to be psyched.

Well you guys, it happened.
Yesterday I decided I wasn't quite the stereotypical Utah Blogger Mormon enough, wasn't quite annoying on social media enough, so I made a decision.

I decided to join an MLM.

I love this ish

Okay, but really. I posted a while ago that I tried Lipsense, a lipstick that does NOT come off all day through eating, drinking, kissing, sweating etc and they have a million different shades and i'm basically obsessed. I really wanted to buy some but then I learned it was very cheap to become a distributer and just have a discount. Cheaper, in fact. However once I noticed how much I loove the product, I started seeing distributers allllll over social media and I was like, "how did something get so insanely saturated in like two seconds?" but then I remembered the discount that you get on all these lippie colors and I was like "yassss"

So I signed up and i'm selling it, but please keep reading!!

I promise that I will not be annoying,  I promise I will not add you into any groups that you don't want to be in. I promise I will not message you or stalk you. I promise I won't pretend like we're tight if we aren't in order to sell you something. Basically, I won't be a douchebag about this.

However if you are interested, join my facebook group! I'm authorized to discount the product to a certain extent so I really want to give you the best deal possible. I'm not trying to make this a business, which is maybe the wrong attitude to go into this with but I do nawt have time for that. Anyway what i'm saying is I love the product, I want you to have the product but I don't want to annoy you or stalk you in the world of ever prevalent MLMs.

Join my group here if you just are curious or want more info. 

I love you guys. Thanks for supporting me in this because I am actually really overwhelmed by the whole thing and Mark is not feeling it either so I need someone to be like, "you can do the thing!"

Okay have a great day! :) 

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