Monday, July 18, 2016

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

The second morning we were in Vancouver, we had some time to kill while Mark's brother and dad went mountain biking, so we packed up and went to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, which was super close to our house.
It was such a huge place, we didn't even see half of the park and we were there for several hours. It was gorgeous! I wish the pictures were better but alas, mid-day lighting. I also kept thinking it would be so pretty in the spring. A lot of things weren't blooming when we went. Though a lot of things were!
my SIL took this and it looks artsy but I was really just trying to listen in on some stranger's drama, pretty sure. 

Darn lighting! 

Look at my cute MIL! 

 Isn't this the craziest tree?? It looks like a succulent tree!

This maze thing was creeping me out a little...we didn't go in! Then we got on this little hill and I saw how small it was and was feeling dumb for being scared.

It's definitely not a must see in Vancouver, but if you have a few hours you are trying to fill with a chill activity, this is perfect!
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