Monday, July 11, 2016

Vancouver + Stanley Park

As you may know from following me on social media, I've been in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and my in-laws. I have never been to Canada before, so when the opportunity came along to tag along with the in-laws while they went mountain biking, we jumped at the chance!
We drove from Utah to Vancouver over two days and it wasn't too bad. The first day went by really fast, the second day went a little slower but all in all, it wasn't bad. I mean, I only drove four of those sixteen hours so...I don't know how much I can talk about it being a great drive. The way back was a little more slow going, but we drove back on the 4th of July and no one, including scary semi trucks, were on the road, so that was nice.
Anyway, we got to Vancouver and all checked into our little airbnb (technically VRBO, but no one knows what that is. You can see the listing for the house we stayed in here). It was seriously such a cute place! It was tiny tiny, but it was great for our little family. Also, I usually hate hotels and things of that nature because I can never stop thinking of all the people who have slept in the bed before me, etc. This house was SO CLEAN that I felt like I was home. I snuggled into their duvets and pillows and didn't think about that once.
After we checked in and got settled, we immediately went to Stanley Park. This park is equivalent to Central Park in NYC. It is juts a huge, literally ginormous, city park. The cool thing about it is that it is almost totally surrounded by ocean, so it's very pretty to just walk around. I wish we would have rented bikes and biked a little bit, but it was really crowded and I would have gotten stressed, probably. Hah. Anyway, we just walked around the seawall and along the beach. They also had a little area with some totem poles so we visited those for a while. It was such a beautiful place! We actually went back several times, which is why I am wearing different clothes in some pictures. :) 

Thanks to my sister in law, Sarah, for these awesome pictures with her amazing camera.

Something I did not know was that Vancouver is the fourth largest city in North America, behind NYC, San Francisco other I can't remember. There were people EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept being like, "THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD THIS IS INSANE"
 It also didn't get dark until 10:30 and our bodies acclimated quickly, we weren't wanting to eat dinner until around 9 or 9:30, which is when we made most of our dinner reservations.
Something else I didn't know about Vancouver is that it is totally populated with Asians of all sorts, which makes the food scene literally perfect. I have never seen Mark in such a heavenly state. We ate Japanese food every single night except one night and his Mom was able to order in Japanese at most places. We had pork buns for lunch in China town, we had a Vietnamese bakery right by our house, it was so soooooo good.
Anyway, I will be highlighting some of the stuff we did over the next few posts. Do people hate vacation posts? I usually love reading about other people's adventures, but maybe i'm not normal. Plus I found it really hard to find one place online with a bunch of stuff to do in Vancouver that weren't messages boards or weird travel sites with an agenda, so I think this will be good. 
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  1. Great photos! I have never used Airbnb but I might give it a try soon 😀