Wednesday, July 20, 2016

vancouver wrap up

With the exception of me putting together a video, this is the last Vancouver post! This is a few random things that we did that we didn't document super well...
One day we went to Granville Island, which isn't actually an island so that gets a little confusing...but anyway it's just a big market, like Pike's Market in Seattle. So much good food, I was going crazy trying not to buy everything! But I did end up buying a loooooot.

Thanks to my SIL Sarah for these pictures!

The last day we were in Vancouver, I found a groupon for a ferry tour. It was kind of cheesy but I really wanted to be on the water. Mark and I just went on a little date and it was so fun! It was beautiful, the weather was fantastic and I just got to hang with ma boo looking at pretty views!

 They had a airplane boat thing...landing strip. They kept landing right over our boat!

 Note to self: no more ponytails. Bald Riley thanks you.

 I've never seen a bald eagle in America, but here was this dude.
 A view of Stanley Park from the ferry!

As mentioned we were around on Canada Day which mostly sucked but ended really well with ice cream and a walk by the pier with Mark.

Mark had been a quality instagram husband all week but he was 100% done by this point
 We went to the museum of anthropology and it was 1. unreasonably and outrageously expensive, thank goodness for groupon and 2. so odd, confusing and overwhelming. Definitely don't recommend it but very glad we did it? Somehow? Haha anyway they had this huge exhibit by a native artist who hates white people, as he probably should and his art left me uncomfortable, as he probably intended. I didn't take a picture of it but he made this huge cross out of bloody white underwear. It was odd.

Vancouver was such a relaxing vacation! Nothing really went wrong besides the Salmon Festival day...screw that festival. It was so fun to see somewhere new! I fall into the trap of going to the same places again and again...this inspired me to see more of the world! Thank you Canada! and thank YOU people, for sticking with me if you hate vacation posts.  Sure do love you guys!

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