Wednesday, July 6, 2016

when life is just insane ya know

Hi guysss,

I feel like it's been a while since we've just talked, ya know? I'm like here's a sponsored post, here's a giveaway, here's a collab, here's a link up, blah blah blah. 

Those are all great, but they also get tiresome to me. I am also saying that at 11:30pm when I still have two posts to write and schedule for next week. Lolz. 

So let's just talk! When I say talk I mean I will talk about my life and in the comments you will tell me about yours. That's how it works, I think.

School got out at the end of May, but I immediately had a conference that took up the first week of June. Then I skedaddled to Lake Powell for a week. 
Luckily, I had two weeks before we would leave to Vancouver...but what did I do during those two weeks? I literally had to just look at my calendar to figure it out. I met with a parent and dyed my hair pink. I went to a Bees game and also I went to Alison Show's dance party. How have I not blogged about that? I will. I also need to blog about how having pink hair has changed me as a person. 
I debated on selling Lipsense because I love the product soooo much. However a few days after the cutest girl came to meet with me and let me try all these products, I got a job writing for an education blog! I decided there is no way I can do both. Like, no way. So, in the words of Shark Tank, I am a customer but not an investor. I'm really excited about my education blog gig. It's enough to give me spending money and not feel bad about buying off brand at the grocery store so I can have my spending money. Plus i'm learning a ton! It's focused on child development and it's so interesting to me. I never took a child development class while getting my secondary education degree, so it's very cool to me. I just love learning ya know! 
I also read a ton in those two weeks before Vancouver. I go through such phases, it's very strange. I'm trying to get through my book club book and am not being successful right now. 

ALSO! Mark and I finished Serial season 2 while driving to Vancouver and it is so interesting. It was immensely hard to get into but after the third episode we were hooked! It made me much more interested in how war works, at a government level. Idk. It was good.
and as always I am listening to Gilmore Guys, a podcast about Gilmore Girls. They release two episodes per week and they are both three hours. Plus I watch the episodes they are covering at least twice before listening so I can email in questions. I'M A FREAK BUT I ACCEPT MYSELF.

Anyway, I am giving myself this week and next to relax and watch the crap out of Crazy Ex-Girlfiend, (seriously, my new favorite show! It just got added to Netflix so you need to watch it). Then i'm going to GET TO WORK! Whatever that means. Not really sure. I have two new classes this year and I assigned a summer assignment which means I will have 75 essays to grade on the first day of school, so I feel like this meme pretty much all the time when I think about it...

On a positive note, because of Mark's schedule we get to hang out all the time! He was in school but it just ended, so he is doing his internship at KSL for a few hours per day. Otherwise we are hanging out! What are some things we should do? We normally just live at the movie theaters but we kind of want to expand our horizons.

Last thing, can you guys enter my giveaway here? Please? Thanks. 

Also I fully realized that i'm really annoying on social media and I have mixed feelings. 

Well, those are my current thoughts. 

How's life for you?

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