Monday, August 22, 2016


This cupcake tasted like absolute garbage :) 

On Thursday I turned 25....
and to be honest, it was not the worst (that is reserved for when we drove half of the drive, 16 hours, back from Maryland) but one of the worst birthdays i've  ever had....haha!
And pretty much 100% of that had to do with my state of mind last week. Without going into too much detail, actually literally no detail, there has been an exorbitant  amount of stuff going on in my life that made going back to school really, really difficult. I didn't go in with a positive attitude and as you probably could have guessed, nothing positive came out. 
So yeah, on my birthday I was grumpy and tired and didn't really have a good day because I was sad to be going back to school and was feeling like a crappy teacher. 
The best part of my day was my students from last year coming to visit me with dr pepper and notes from the ones who couldn't be there. It was the absolute highlight of my day and probably a moment i'll always remember. After they left and I was telling someone what had happened I just started like...sobbing! Haha! Then I came home and told Mark and I started crying even more! The thing with teaching is you invest so much of your time and you give your heart to these kids, and then they leave! Some kids you are more than happy to see go, ;), but some you just are so sad! Especially because with my 8th graders, they go to high school so I really don't see them! They really are like your kids and watching them grow up is kinda...painful! 

Anyway, after they came I was feeling so much better about my life in general. It gave me enough confidence to feel like a good-ish teacher and be able to carry on.

After I got home from school Mark had this huge set up of presents and flowers and chips and queso. It was *100 emoji*. Also I hadn't seen him in a few days because he was out of town and it was just a present enough to have him home, honestly. I never realized how much I depend on him to life. Haha!
We went to Red Iguana and it was *DELISH*. So flipping yummy. We also got our own little private room to eat in and it was so cute I loved every second. 
Then my in-laws took me out for sushi the next day at my favorite sushi place and it was very delicious! They also told us to start saving to go to Japan in June! Mark's little brother is leaving on his mission this year and by the time he comes back, someone could have a baby in the family (not us, count on it) and it would be hard to go! So wahoo! Jk i'm actually really freaking out about it (anxiety at an all time high) but i'm pretending to be wahoo about it! 

I got to go shopping with my birthday money and I have recently fallen in love with a few new plus size brands so it was very fun shopping for clothes that I will actually wear because I feel comfortable in them.

 2016 has been very good in some places but a very rocky year in other places and I hope I can turn it around in this last little bit. My sister texted me on my birthday and said "Happy Birthday! 25 was awful for me!" hahaha so i'm hoping it's better than that. I have already had a much better week than I did last week and it's only Monday! 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I really appreciated them! 

P.S do you ever feel like you understand the relationship you have with some people a little better based on how they wish you a happy birthday? Because, yep! 

Okay, that's it from me for a bit. Props to all my blog friends who also work full time and still blog because how
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