Sunday, August 14, 2016

life in iPhone photos

Have you ever Facebook stalked yourself "through the eyes of another?" because I do that ALL THE TIME. Especially when I add new friends, I go to make sure there isn't anything that anyone would judge me super hard for on my social media platforms. I occasionally do this with my blog when i'm looking for an old post to link back to, etc. 
I found myself in that black hole today, and man! I was so sad! I used to be so good at documenting everything Mark and I did, and now I don't! Mostly because Pokemon Go takes up all the space on my phone but also I am just lazy! It's such a bad habit I have fallen into, i'm sad that memories have been lost because I am too lazy to bring my camera. Anyway, I am going to dump some photos that I haven't posted and hopefully it will get me in the mood to document more of ma life.

 I don't know if I posted this, but one student gave me this print at the end of last year and another one gave me the flowers. As i'm preparing for new kids, I get scared I won't love them as much as I loved my last year kids. I know I will, but I sure miss the group I had last year!
honestly idk what my face is my I just got so sad about how much hair we had to cut off due to damage. We took the best care when dying my hair pink, used the best products and all of that, but it still wipes your hair out!

Pokemon Go, all day, every day.

 I wore glasses one day last year and my students were SO freaked out by it for some reason! 

 The view out of my friend's balcony. Gorgeous! I hope to move here soon!

You guys, my eyes are glistening in this picture because I was sobbing like two minutes before because I was trying to put in earrings when I haven't worn earrings in forever and it was painful and sad but Mark was like "you look pretty so let's get it together for some pictures"

 We decided we had enough weekends of going to movies so we splurged and got tickets to the Utah Symphony playing John Williams songs. It was awesome, but it rained hard for about ten minutes! We were unprepared and I was freezing the rest of the night.
 My ring hitting that light just right...

 It was such a relief not to be so hot, even though I was freezing...haha

 I have started to color during sacrament so I can focus and yes, people judge.

I was shopping at F21 last week and I so regret not getting this bomber. Should I go back and get it? It was $22. Also I miss my pink hair, which is weird because I was so ready for it to be gone.

And that is our photo dump for now!
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