Tuesday, September 20, 2016

a little less than we bargained for

A few weeks ago, I found this KSL deal. It was advertising something called the "Electric Maze" with this picture attached...

I thought, wow. This is basically like the next big thing in Utah and i'm going to get in on the ground floor. I only got in on the Tree of Life and the Midway Ice Castles after they were trendy. This, I said, will be my shining instagram moment. What a time to be alive.

So we invited some friends. We were driving to the event when we started to get nervous about the future of our instagram famous status. We began to think of "worst case scenarios" like EDM music playing constantly. We weren't prepared for what was to come.

We got out of the car and the parking lot was on a hill overlooking the Electric Maze. We stood there and saw the reality of our situation for the first time. This is the only thing that came to mind.

Indeed, we were struck by how dark everything was. We thought maybe they just hadn't started yet. So we all go to the check in table, which was very hard to find in the dark. We found out quickly we could have shown them any screen, Pokemon Go, Instagram, Google Docs, and told them it was a ticket and they would have let us in. We were honest, of course, but there is always that poor college student in me who looks for a way to bamboozle myself in.
So then we joined in a clump of people who had no clue what was going on. And we waited. and waited. and waited.
Then a voice came over the speaker "technical issues, sorry for the delay, we apologize and to show how sorry we are, we are going to stamp all of your wrists bands so you can come back tomorrow


(this is where I want him to say free)


I thought this was ridiculous seeing as we only paid $6 to come the first time. However, I hadn't even gone into the maze yet so I had no idea how ridiculous this was.

Okay, we wait a little more and finally they let us in.
There is no way I will be able to put into words the disappointment and ridiculousness that was this maze, especially after having the high hopes of the main photo. This is a picture of what it looked like in actuality...

Except it had electrical problems, so there were none of the lights pictured. By the way, this is the eighth picture on their website. So maybe they were "trying" to be "honest"

So after we got to the end of the maze which was a really sad dance party with no lights and some weird Dads dancing, we just started laughing so hard. It wasn't even the fact that there were no lights, it was just no maze! It was just a pathway with one instance where you could have maybe gotten lost. However, you could see through the white tarps that were on the chain link fences so, you actually couldn't have gotten lost. There was also just weird things, like a stack of pallets with fog going around it and a lady standing there with a bucket of pennies asking people to make a wish. Then there was this big heart that they were asking people to write  on it with sharpies. It was just the most odd experience of my life.

So after we left we reverse googled the image and yeah, they had purchased the stock photo from somewhere in Japan.

 I actually think this is super dishonest and so I emailed both KSL Deals and Electric Maze to ask for a refund, as I think everyone who attended should. I just kept thinking about the people who spent a ton on this (regularly $12 a ticket) to come to this based off the picture and it was just such a flop! I don't often write negative reviews, but I could have had a cool instagram picture from this event and all I had was this one...


So Electric Maze, 0/10. 

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