Friday, September 16, 2016

shop away the stress

Heyyyyy guyssss. 
So, oops, I haven't posted in forever and the last post I did was super emo and vague. Sorry bout that...
But let's get real. The last month has been absolutely horrendous and I think i'm finally coming out the other side. More on that later.
A way that I have learned to manage my stress is shopping. Some might call it unhealthy but a little something something here and there has been a good outlet for me. Plus for every one thing I buy I toss two things in my closet, so that helps me to not feel overwhelmed with clutter.
So I stopped by Chelsea's Boutique today after school. It's right on Center Street in Provo, so there is a ton of stuff to do down there. I would recommend shopping at Chelsea's Boutique, getting dinner at either Pho Plus or Station 22, and then dessert at Rockwell Ice Cream. 

 Fun and cute necklace display! I was particularly in love with their jewelry and shoe selection.

Is this wall not the best thing in the world?

Ready to try on some stuff!

Did I force an employee to take my picture? You betcha.


Hey, not pregnant! This dress would be really flattering on someone skinny. :) 

 The boutique had a lot of cute stuff but mostly only went to a size large, so I left with some real cute shoes that you will be seeing again.
If you want to go to Chelsea's Boutique, they are having their grand opening in Provo this weekend. There will be live music and gift card drawings. Check out the details on Chelsea's Boutique Facebook  page here.  
Thanks to Chelsea's Boutique for sponsoring this post! 

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