Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Weekend

Hello hello! What a weekend it was, and I feel like this week (actually, this month!)  is not slowing down whatsoever. 
Friday night we had our yearly friends Halloween party. Last year it was a murder mystery! This year it was just a good old fashion party. My friend Hilarie hosts it every year but we all contribute equally. There were eighteen of us this year because people keep getting married and reproducing! Haha!

Can anyone guess what Mark was? I think his cute Japanese face was throwing people off..

 If you follow me on snapchat you know that after much trial and tribulation I decided to go without bunny whiskers for Judy Hopps. I think it was fine.

 Very cool and spooky table decor!
I love that the skeleton looks like he is smiling 
Mark made this Caramel Apple Pecan Pie and it WON the pie contest! He is the best and I really want more of it, we only came home with a small piece left and I was kind of sad.

Saturday was a busy day full of me going into full nesting mode before winter sets in. I cleaned out every closet and cupboard which led to D.I runs and reorganizing the entire house. Then I decided to give my car a really good clean, leading to an empty trunk for the first time in over a year! Wahoo! Then we fixed my phone I cracked, ugh! The Apple store was so unorganized and annoying and I was already in a bad mood for being an idiot and cracking my phone. 
BUT! After all that we went to Superhero night at Abravanel Hall. The Utah Symphony did such an awesome job! We went to their movie score night at Deer Valley this summer and it was lovely. We definitely are going to go again!
This was the only picture I took because we can't seem to park downtown without getting in a huge fight and taking a picture together was not gonna happen. :) #reallife

Sunday was mostly a lazy day. I spent a majority of the day cleaning the mess I made organizing our apartment (how does that work...?) and the other half watching Project Runway and carving this total Pinterest Fail.

This honestly took me like two and a half hours. It was supposed to look like this...
and it turned out like this! Why does this always happen to me...

Speaking of Pinterest fails, I will be at Pinners Conference this weekend in Salt Lake City! I went a few years ago with my Mom and it was really fun to have a girls day. I am pretty excited for the make and take craft stations with bloggers I have been following forever leading the classes. I will also be attending the photoshop class and hopefully learning some skills that can edit photos, like taking out our weird concrete stains from the photo above.... :) 
Anyway, there are usually cute little shopping boutiques there as well.
If you want to come say hi to me, there are tickets here! I believe when you first go to the website a small box pops up with a discount code. 

Tonight we are deciding between playing our favorite game that is perfect for Halloween, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, or going to Rocky Horror. We'll see!
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