Monday, October 10, 2016

lash tips

You guys, i'm finally ready to talk about my serious false lashes. 
I have used strip lashes for years and years. I don't wear them every day,  because I actually have really nice real lashes, long and thick,  but I just feel way better about myself when I have falsies on. I have gotten glue in my eyeballs, have had lashes fall off at embarrassing times and have cut my real lashes off while trying to trim my strip lashes...while they were stuck to my eye (duh). Recently I have just tried to come to terms with my natural lashes. 

About two years ago, I got eyelash extensions. I was very unhappy with them. They were not voluminous, my actual lashes looked way better, and I felt the girl who did them purposefully did them badly so I would have to come in for a fill more often. It also took more than three hours to apply, and I felt like if I was doing them to save time, that made no sense. So I did all the things you aren't supposed to do with lashes so that they would fall off. 

When I had the opportunity to get eyelash extensions again in exchange for a review, I was hesitant, but I decided if I was going to try them again, this was the opportunity to do so. 
Star Lash Studio is located in Murray, down the street from my parent's house. They also have a location in South Towne mall. This was super ideal because my last lash person was located very far from me and I had to drive over an hour to get there. 
I went to the Murray location, which is across from Fashion Place Mall right next to Uptown Cheapskate, another favorite stop of mine.

It's small inside, but it's cozy. The beds that you lay down on are super comfortable. It took about an hour and a half for my lashes to be done. You just lay there and relax while they glue synthetic lashes to your real lashes. It doesn't hurt. 

Before you get your lashes done, 1-2 days before, I would ask your technician for an allergy test. Basically, they will swatch the glue on your hand before putting it near your eye. This is crucial. I have heard total horror stories about people having allergic reactions to the glue. 
After your patch test is all good and before your appointment, I would recommend eating a good meal and drinking a lot of water, but stop drinking about an hour before so you don't have to use the restroom. I've never had to use the restroom while getting my lashes done, but i'm not sure how well that would work out. I also get super dizzy while getting my lashes done because you are laying down for hours and you aren't sleeping, but being hydrated helps a ton.
Come to your appointment with a clean face, no eye makeup. I would even say no makeup, because the technician is all up in your face and it would just be easier for you to have nothing on. In fact, I would shower completely before your appointment, because you have to avoid water afterward. 
I always apply chapstick (or in my case, LipSense gloss) before your appointment. My lips got super dry my first time because you are talking to your technician but not drinking water.
After your appointment, avoid water for 24-48 hours. 
Avoid rubbing your eyes. If you rub your eyes, your lashes will fall out five times quicker. 
Try to sleep on your back, or at least try to not smash your face into your pillow.
They will give you a little brush for your lashes, avoid over brushing. If they look good, just leave em! 

My lashes can go 3-4 weeks in between fills. Fills are usually about half the price of the original set and take about half the time. A girl came in for a fill after I had started my set and left way before I was finished.
If you live in the Salt Lake area, I would really recommend Star Lash. If you don't, do your research! Look at Yelp, Facebook, Instagram and try to spot any red flags like people getting infections. Unless you know the person, I would not recommend getting them done out of people's home unless they can provide legitimate proof of where they were trained. There are a lot of people that weren't trained properly and can really make some problems for your eyes.

I'm in LOVE with my eyelashes. This morning I got up, drew my eyebrows on, threw on some Lipsense and walked out the door! I felt so put together and I got ready in half the time. 

Thanks to Star Lash for making me feel glam! 
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