Sunday, October 16, 2016

wedding season

Hopping on timehop this morning I saw that this time last year I was recovering from a weekend literally bursting with weddings, and this past weekend was no different. 

One of the weddings I attended was to celebrate a great friend and her new husband! I met the bride in elementary school and we've been friends ever since. Their wedding was beyond words beautiful. If I had known about this location when I got married, things would have been SO DIFFERENT. The vineyard was so pretty. 

Mark was at Desert Trip in California so I was solo. It was rough.

I'm telling you, beautiful location. Literally a castle. 

 You can see my dress a little better here, but I found a new brand i'm in love with. I purchased from them a few years ago but they have since expanded their plus size collection. I linked my dress at the bottom of this post. It has got lace panels and it's a bell sleeve with those little ties on the chest that are popular right now. Plus it's a swing dress which is so comfy! I'm obsessed and want to wear it literally everywhere.

 We got a little too carried away with their exit! 
It was such a fun night laughing with old friends! 

The other wedding was also at a  gorgeous location, Snowbird! All of the seasons were represented!
A friend from high school and the sorority world got married and it was one of the fanciest and classiest weddings i've ever attended! Also I didn't know what to do with myself at an open bar so I downed dr pepper and virgin daiquiris! 

Anyway, it was such a pretty weekend! It was pretty rough celebrating love and not having the one I love with me! I was sure glad he came back safe and sound.

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