Sunday, November 6, 2016

happy election week! (lol)

No matter who you are voting for, I think we can all agree that this week will be terrifying! Haha. I'm really reflecting on how to talk my kids through this, whatever the outcome. A lot of them are genuinely scared! They are getting all kinds of information from their parents, their peers, their teachers, media, etc and it's just messing with them! 
I am really content with who I voted for, but because i'm terrified of the wrath of social media, i'll refrain from publicly announcing who I voted for....haha!

This weekend went too fast and I feel like I got nothing accomplished, but I do feel like I caught up on the sleep I didn't get last week, so that's something.

We are headed to Moab this weekend and it will be my first time (in my memory!) because i'm not outdoorsie whatsoever. Any recommendations on mellow hikes? Also, any food recs? 

After we get back from Moab, we are having a mini vacation up in Park City. We are staying in a hotel up there, which I have never done before...and going to a concert! I want to do something fun the next day, maybe the Alpine Slide? It's just crazy expensive! So maybe not. Anyway, we need food recs for up there as well! 

Then I'm taking my students on a field trip to the Utah State Capitol. I've never taken this many kids [75] on a field trip before and I kinnnnd of feel like I'm not adult enough to do this, but i'm still excited! 

Then Thanksgiving! More importantly, then Gilmore Girls! I am pretty sure I'm the biggest GG fan in the state of Utah, and I don't know that anyone telling me that isn't true will convince me otherwise...
A lot of people are having a party to watch it and I'm like no, I'm locking myself in a room and not coming out until I have watched all four. So. That's me. 

Anyway, I hope you survive this week by focusing on all the things we're grateful for...or however you cope with sheer terror. :)

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