Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mini Getaway-Park City

About a month ago, Mark asked me if I wanted to go to the Lucius concert. I absolutely did, they have voices of angels. However it was on a weeknight (am I the only one who does nothing on week nights??) and it was in Park City. I knew I would hate my life the next day. If I don't get at least seven hours of sleep, I have a migraine and I'm constantly nauseous. I guess I'm just too fragile...I dunno. I just know that my body gets really mad if I don't sleep enough. I wanted to go to the concert really I just decided I would take the next day off and we would get a hotel room in Park City and have a little mini vacation! I was looking forward to it for the whole month! Mainly PC has a ton of good food and we were just so excited.
We went through AirBNB for our hotel and it was pretty cheap and right on Main Street. We just walked to dinner and the concert. It was great. We had a plan to go to this really good sushi restaurant. We were so excited. We practically skipped there. BUT YOU GUYSSS! They were closed. Apparently Park City is in its off season, which makes sense because there isn't any snow...but also its still really gorgeous up there? Anyway, it was closed for another few weeks. We found another restaurant that was miraculously open, called Davanza's and it was pretty good for us being prepared for sushi and settling for hamburgers and tacos. Haha. We went back to our hotel and I took a nap...and then we headed out to the venue! 
The concert was really, really good. We were right in the front towards the left, but they ended up doing most of their concert stage left for some reason so we were front and center. It was also 21+ which meant everyone was generally respectful and no one was pushing me up against the barrier. I got bruised ribs from a Cobra Starship concert in 2008 from such behavior. Haha! Except there was a way annoying girl that was singing louder than Lucius themselves, which was stupid. OTHER THAN THAT, the concert was so good. It was amazing to hear their voices in person. They also had a drummer that was making the absolute best faces, it was cracking me up all night.
 It was also really, really painful. Haha, standing for 3-4 hours is hard for me apparently. I am an old lady and basically had to hobble home and my feet were so sore the next day. 
We woke up the next day after our alarm gloriously woke us up at 9:45 so we would have time to check out. We walked to a breakfast place we had scoped out. We were so excited. But, you guessed it, closed for the off season! We were so sad. We hit this other place up on the way out of Park City and it was not great, so that was disappointing. But I went home and napped for a few hours and just had a general lazy day for the rest of the day. It was very nice! I also had a field trip the next day so it was a pretty chill week. 

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