Wednesday, November 30, 2016

welcome to my love of makeup

Do you guys know how some bloggers are like "so many people have been asking me this" and you are like "hmmmm I find that highly improbable"?
Because I do all the time. I'm like "NO ONE REALLY ASKED YOU THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!" because I'm a bad person/hater.
So today when I say that I have had a lot of people asking me about makeup stuff lately, I PROMISE PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY ASKED.

But a few things.
One, I already did a video on this, but things have changed.

Two, I'm not an expert on anything else except eyeshadow palettes. Even then I would say expert is not really a good description, I just have a lot of them and I love to experiment. 

The first thing I would recommend is getting some good brushes. This doesn't have to cost a lot. I have the Real Techniques set and I have a few Morphe brushes and while they aren't top of the line, they are super great for the price. 

Real Techniques Brushes
Jaclyn Hill Morphe Recommendations (and her word is gold). Use JACATTACK10 for 10% off.
Recently I went over to a friends house and I kid you not, she was using those sponge makeup brushes that come in like dollar store eyeshadow things and I about. died. If your eye makeup looks bad I can almost guarantee that it is your brush. Specifically I love a really good crease fluffy brush. If you nail that crease, you are in good shape.

Okay, next thing. I started getting into eyeshadow palettes because I got the Naked palette for Christmas back in 2012. Then I got the Naked 2. I thought Urban Decay were the only palettes worth  a dang. Now that I have used other palettes I can say I don't enjoy Urban Decay palettes and won't buy them again. The palettes I live and die by are Morphe palettes. They are inexpensive, creamy, and super pigmented. They blend very well and I love the variety of colors. 

The 350 palette is the most popular and probably my favorite, but I love the 35T palette because I love love LOVE purple, most of what I wear matches with this palette.

They recently came out with Limited Edition mini-palettes and they are so good. Some of them are out of stock but I bet they will come back.
Coffee Toffee
Awesome Blossom
Copper Popper
Mama Drama
I thought I just wanted the coffee toffee but now that I just took a good look at all of them while I was linking them THEY ARE ALL SOO GOOD. I used my coffee toffee today and I love the mix of colors. They are so pigmented. 

I also am a huge fan of the Lorac Unzipped Palette. I have had it for two years and I'm starting to hit pan on a few colors, so it will probably be on my birthday list next August. 

After I have all of my supplies, I just watch 1-2 YouTube videos per day. I will search whatever the name of my palette is and then "palette tutorial". I just scroll through and pick one I like and try it out! Sometimes it needs up with me washing my face, but a lot of the time it actually looks presentable and I'm able to go throughout my day. 
I generally enjoy playing with the colors and figuring out what works for my eyes and what doesn't. It's a trial and error process, but one that I sincerely enjoy! I actually find it extremely therapeutic and relaxing. The YouTube videos have helped me the most and have given me a base knowledge of what colors work as crease colors, how to manipulate your brushes, etc.
If experimenting isn't something you enjoy, that's okay! The YouTube videos are usually really straight forward and really short. It's easy to do it quickly in the morning. Mainly, I think the key is having good brushes and a solid palette. 

What is your favorite makeup product? I am consistently unhappy with my foundation. Any suggestions? 
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  1. Ok so on your foundation thing - these days pretty much the only makeup I wear consistently is IT Cosmetics "Your Skin But Better" CC cream. It makes my skin feel smooth and evens everything out, and it's really the only foundation-like product I've stuck with for over a year. Finish with some powder and you're good to go. Idk what kind of foundation products you like though so def go try before you buy! I get it from ulta. My only complaint is there's a limited number of shades so it can be kind of hard to find the perfect match, by I LOVE the product itself.