Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016! Done! 
It's bittersweet that Christmas is over. I love the time leading up to Christmas but I'm also really happy not to keep secrets anymore. I'm not good at it! I actually spoiled Mark's big present this year because I just couldn't hold it in. So I'm glad not to have the pressure anymore. Haha!
Christmas morning we took it easy, sleeping in (Mark) (I can't sleep in to save my life) and making a Waffle Luv inspired breakfast. While we were cooking we opened our stockings. I got Mark a few little Star Wars things and the biggest pack of Dots I've ever seen. Mark got me my favorite, Smores cereal and Salsa Con Queso. Yummy x 10.
After breakfast, we opened presents. I was so excited to give Mark his gifts and this year I had absolutely no idea what Mark was getting me so I was really excited to open my presents from him. He got me a letter board (basic life! Woo hoo!), a gel nail light, a Funko Pop of Judy Hopps and....AN ELECTRIC BLANKET! Which you guys, it's already changed my life. I don't know how I lived in Logan for so long without one, lived in a basement apartment for so long without one, basically just lived my life without one! I turned on my electric blanket, cuddled up under it and immediately was so cozy I fell asleep.

I got Mark a life-sized BB8 (that was the thing I spoiled :(), a R2-D2 model for his nerd room, a Metallica shirt, two cookbooks and some cooking supplies. 

After we had our Christmas, we went to Mark's parents first and had a delicious Christmas lunch filled with yummy Japanese food. We had a Christmas there as well! Every year they get us a book so we have been building our collection that way. Mark got a food processor! This is really exciting, we have been kicking ourselves for not asking for one when we got married so we finally got one. I also got Anastasia Brow Wiz from my SIL and I'm so excited!

After Mark's parents we went to my family for more presents and some dinner. 
Mark and I were both feeling crappy from all the junk food we ate and so we went home and watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It was super cute, highly recommend. Then we went to bed! It's crazy how much the holidays wears you out. 
I love the coziness our tree brings, I'll be so sad when we take it down! Next year it's going up earlier.

Where's the cat? 

Mark's stocking


Haha, my letter board never came in the mail before Christmas so Mark had to figure it out.

So it was a simple day but a great one! 
I have one more week of break, which will go so fast. I haven't checked my email since I left school on the 16th and I'm really proud of myself. I will probably grade on Sunday or Monday and check it then, but for now, no way! Not thinking about school at all. 
Have a good week! 

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