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Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life Reactions

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers both from the original run of the show and the revival. Proceed with caution. But also, it's been two and a half weeks. Why haven't you finished? 

I can't really remember exactly when I started watching Gilmore Girls, but I do remember watching seasons 4-7 weekly when I could, it was on pretty late and I was always in bed around 9:00, so I had to fill in the gaps with  Netflix (the dvd kind that came in the mail) later on. I would get one disc at a time which held four episodes, all which I would devour in one sitting. I was the original binger, as much as you could be in those days. 
All that to say, Gilmore Girls was pretty much my entire teen years. 
I was aware that the original writer left after season six, and I definitely felt the void. Honestly after Lorelei and Chris got married in Paris, (an episode I stayed up late to watch live) I was so upset that I turned off the TV and never finished season 7 until college. When I finally did finish it, I was actually very happy and content with the ending. I felt like Luke and Lorelei were going to be together and Rory was going to find her own way in the world, and if that didn't include a boyfriend then I was super fine with that. I hated Logan, I actually feel like watching him treat Rory like crap and the show playing it off as flirtatious and cool taught me that I should seek the same kind of treatment, and it took me a long time to unlearn that lesson but that is a different story. So I was really happy that Rory denies Logan and goes off to conquer the world, leaving Lorelei and Luke solid enough that we could draw our own conclusions.

So no, I didn't need or really even want the revival.

I listen, religiously, to the podcast Gilmore Guys, and they predicated this revival a few years ago, so when the actual news broke I wasn't that surprised, but also I cried. I was really excited to see the characters and experience Stars Hollow again! 

I woke up Saturday morning, got some good, quality, junk food and started the episode. I really did not enjoy the wink, wink, nod, nods to the audience of how long they had been away, basically any fourth wall breaking of any sort, so for that to be the first conversation they had I was pretty irritated. I even told Mark, "Nope. Nope. Nope. If they are going to do this Fuller House s*** the entire time, I'm done!" but luckily it didn't last very long and I got to see the magic of Stars Hollow! The part where the Christmas lights all turn on, I almost cried! When Lorelei and Rory walk into the house and Luke is there making dinner, I cried! I was so relieved and even though I was happy with how the original run ended, I was so happy to be back!
 The first time that I realized that these new episodes were going to be problematic was when the doorbell rings, and it is Paul. With that, let's jump into my list of things I hated about A Year in the Life.

Paul. The fact that Rory Gilmore has been dating this dude LONGER THAN ANY SINGLE BOYFRIEND is infuriating to me. Absolutely infuriating. I understand the point is that he is forgetful, but they took it WAY too far. Have Rory date him for six months and have her break up with him that first night. The joke is just as good and not as confusing.

Logan and Rory cheating. I was so offended by this storyline. However, it did justify my belief that Rory is a bad person, a sucky journalist and I hate her. I get that there has to be a reason they can't be together, but I feel it could have been literally anything else keeping them apart. I also thought it was sad that Logan is doing exactly what his Father wanted him to do by staying in London. Bummer life, Logan! 

The whole Wild plot I could have completely lived without and been better off for it. I felt the sole reason it existed was because of the cameos that it brought. 

Holy cow. After one song I was like, okay, back to the story! Then they did another one. Then another. THEN ANOTHER! THEN ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! So after all of these songs I thought surely,  they aren't going to show them talking about the musical. BUT THEY DID. AND THAT WAS FOREVER LONG! Oh man, I just feel like there could have been so much better use of that time and I mourn the story lines that died so that they could do this whole musical thing.

The Therapist
Was probably the worst therapist in the history of ever. But also, they bring up a letter that Emily received from Lorelei that was never actually from Lorelei, this is a huge deal that has apparently dictated their relationship for years and they DROP it completely. 

The fact that nothing has changed for any characters in Stars Hollow in the past 9 years, the most depressing being Lane.

Doyle and Paris being divorced. Love is dead.

Fat shaming that guy in the Summer episode. WTF, ASP?? 

Lack of characters like Sookie (they couldn't help that) and Mrs Kim, TJ and Jackson (pretty sure they could help that)

The whole Luke and Lorelei fighting. Give me a break. I'm so tired of their arc being the "will they won't they" story. Let them be together and deal with world problems, Ben and Leslie Knope style.


I have never been so happy than when Kirk was at Friday Night Dinner and he goes outside to play with the kids. 

The entire Emily story line warmed my heart to its core. I have never loved anything as much as her living with her maid and her entire family, working at the museum, and sitting with a lantern at the end. That storyline alone made the revival worth it for me.

All the funeral/Richard everything. So much sobbing. It also seems to be the momentum of the entire series.  However, it does make me wonder what the writers would have come up with if Edward Herrmann hadn't died. 

I thought the Dean scene was very lovely and heartwarming and one of my favorites in the whole series.

 Kirk decorating the wedding and it being perfect (though I felt totally uncomfortable by them running around frolicking in the decor scene) 

Rory writing a book of their story, a lot of people think this is cheesy and it is, but I like it for some reason. I dislike that Lorelei was upset about the idea, because I just don't see that being a reality. 

The Christopher scene. That was insanely powerful, made even more powerful by the final four words.

Jess. That's all.

Paris. That's all.

Lastly, let's talk about the famous final four words. 
On the podcast, they made a ton of predictions, (a lot of which they were correct about) and so I was constantly in the headspace of speculating about the revival, the story lines, etc. A lot of the guesses that both I and listeners of Gilmore Guys made I kind of said, "no, that's silly and too easy, they won't do that." like the final four words being something like "I'm pregnant" "Me too". So for the actual final four words to be "Mom? "Yeah?" "I'm Pregnant" made me so angry. I felt that was such a pathetic road to take out. I think that even though Rory sucks, she deserves better than this story. I feel like the fans deserve better. Do I like the idea that Jess is her Luke? YES! But I also believe that she shouldn't have to be subject to this full circle storyline, neither should we. I didn't realize that I was at the final four words and when she said them and the screen went to black, I literally dropped what I was holding and screamed. I was SO furious. I have since calmed down because hello, we have Trump as our President and there are worse things to worry about, but I am kind of irritated because that means we will probably have more episodes, and I'm 100% not interested in seeing the same storyline play out with a different woman. 

Overall, I have such mixed feelings as these new episodes were problematic, as were the original episodes, but one thing remains the same and that is my feelings about the show. All the many small moments that all together made it a very magical and a special return to my teenage years. I really appreciated  this stroll down memory lane during a time where I feel just as lost and struggling with the "life is hard" feelings, just as I did back then. Gilmore Girls has, and will always be my warm blanket that is filled with comfort and good memories. 

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