Friday, December 16, 2016

graduation (and our Christmas card pics!)

Mark is officially done with school! Oh hallelujah. Mark started college the same year that I did (2009) and yes, took two years off for a LDS mission and then another year off to put me through student teaching, but still a long time! Don't even get me started about credits transferring or not transferring. DO NOT even get me started. BUT! We can officially put all that behind us and celebrate! Mark has felt he can't really celebrate until he finds a job, so if anyone knows of any openings in the PR/Marketing field...hit Mark up, through me if necessary! :) 

Anyway, thanks to our friends Leah and Stephen for doing a photo swap with us for these pictures! We went to this little Christmas Tree place and they people tolerated us...which was nice. I also saw a student from last year who was so cute and nice, but I couldn't remember their name! I knew what letter it started with but it wasn't until like five minutes later that it popped into my head, I felt so dumb! 

Mark and I were laughing that these are basically our engagement pictures, plus 50 lbs for both of us. Haha! Anyway, I got my dress from eshakti, as I always do. This dress is my favorite that I have gotten from them because it's a really comfy jersey material. 

I'm hopefully going to pull off a surprise for Mark for graduation this weekend, he doesn't really read my blog so I think I'm safe with you friends. 
Off to a Christmas party with our closest friends! Stay tuned.
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