Thursday, December 8, 2016

Teacher Gift Guide Part 2! (& a giveaway!)

Hi guys!
If you missed the first post of this series, head over here. Basically, I'm just trying to help some poor teachers get some awesome gifts from the kids that they adore.
The next item on the teacher gift guide is this freaking cute monogrammed bag from Carry Kindness.
As a teacher, I can never have enough bags. I am always hauling a ton of crap from school to home and vice versa. A cute bag makes me feel better about the load of papers I have to grade that are nestled inside. :)
A cool thing about Carry Kindness is that SHE IS A TEACHER! She has this gig on the side!! First of all, where the heck does she get the time? I have no idea. I'm just impressed. Anyway, since teachers pay is so dismal,  buying one of her cute bags (she has a variety, not just teacher bags! Look at this cute one!) supports an actual teacher! That is like a two for one gift for the teacher in your life. I'm pretty sure any teacher's heart is warmed when another teacher gets a little more cash in their pockets. Paige is awesome and I'm so appreciative of her. 

I just realized today that I have never done a giveaway for LipSense on my blog! Rude! So here ya go! Enter away for some pretty lips! Don't know what LipSense is? You probably don't live in Utah then. Click here to learn more.
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  2. The cats and books bag is totally perfect for me!