Sunday, December 11, 2016

weekend recap

I am not one for New Year's Resolutions, I actually recently put up a Twitter poll asking if I was a psychopath because goals don't inspire me....the result was no, thankfully. Anyway, I'm not a resolutions person. However one thing that I have wanted to do is document my life more. For some reason in 2016 I stopped taking pictures or writing down anything that we have done, besides vacations, making me really sad when looking back because I have the worst long term memory and so I have forgotten a lot of what happened each year. I really want to make it a goal to be better about documenting life, no matter how monotonous and boring sometimes. So even though I'm not a resolutions person, I hope I can follow through with this.

I thought it might be nice to do a little weekend recap with the pictures of what we did that weekend, even if it was just staying home and watching a movie. I decided that today, so you will start seeing those pictures next week. I also thought that with my weekend recap I could post our meal plans for that week.
Apparently I have been letting Twitter polls guide my life, because I also took a twitter poll about if I should post our meal plans and the results were like 81% yes and 19% no, so I think I will go for it. 
We meal plan every week for Sunday-Thursday. We eat out on Friday and Saturday. Meal planning is probably the worst thing we have to do each week. We hate doing it, we hate grocery shopping, we hate hate hate hate all that it entails. BUT! We do it. Because we know if we don't we will be poor and sad. Also because Mark likes to cook, it's not that big of a deal once it's all said and done. 
We spend around $30-$60 a week on groceries, depending on if we are buying meat or not. Usually we buy a ton of meat from Winco once every month to month and a half and it lasts us. I don't eat a ton of meat because I'm not a meat person, so we save a lot that way. Usually we do one day of fish, which we get fresh from Smiths the day we are going to eat it. We also frequent the Asian Market, their produce is generally a lot cheaper and we get a lot of the sauces we need there. 
We don't eat any "white people food" meaning you won't ever see casseroles and very rarely will see a potato in any form. However, as a person who loves potatoes more than anything, a lot of these recipes are worth trying out because they are SO good. Don't say no because they sound intimidating or out of your comfort zone!
Okay, with all that is our meal plan for last week with a grocery list!
Sunday: Mark had the flu, so we went with some good old chicken noodle soup. We buy the kind in the green package, I think it's called Bear River. Anyway, it's insanely high in sodium so I wouldn't recommend eating it very often.
Monday: This is my FAVORITE MEAL of all time. We serve it over rice. Find the recipe to the Artichoke Cream Cheese Chicken here.
Tuesday: This was a new recipe and it was really, really good! Find the recipie to the General Tao's Chicken here.
Wednesday: We really like lettuce wraps, we have a lot of different kind of rotation. This is one of my favorite kinds. Find the recipe for the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps here. 
Thursday: I always beg Mark to make this meal, it's seriously so good. Som Tom is a raw papaya salad that is SO spicy (or can be, depending on how many chiles you put in) and you eat it with your hands, paired with sticky rice. Nam Tok is also known as beef waterfall, it's such good beef. Remember how I don't eat a ton of meat? I do when we have Nam Tok. Gimme all the dang beef. Mark learned how to make both things from a Thai lady. They are actually really easy. His recipes are in Thai, but the recipes I linked above are in English and they seem really close to what he does.  

Okay, I have a few posts this week! Yay for being on top of things! See ya.
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